Forex Triple B Strategy And Trading Tools By Vladimir Ribakov Turns At-Home Traders Into Professional Bollinger Band Masters

High Probability Day Trading
In 10 Minutes A Day



Introduction To Forex Triple B


The Strategy Behind Forex Triple B


But you also know, this is not always the case. Sometimes price hits the bands and just keeps on going. Like this…


This is why the Forex Triple B strategy is not just based on bouncing off the Bollinger Bands. That is only one of the criteria for a potential trade. The strategy then uses higher time frame agreement, higher time frame divergence and current time frame divergence to identify the highest probability trade setups.

It is the combination of the Bollinger Bands and the FILTERS that make the Forex Triple B strategy so effective.

Pick The Highest Probability Forex Triple B
Trades At A Glance

Forex-Triple-B-Zone-Indicator Forex-Triple-B-Daily-Filter EURJPY-Forex-Triple-B-Filter-Panel

Vladimir provides everything you need to filter your trades, and only take the strongest trade setups, at a glance. Everything you need is right there on the chart. No need to switch back and forth between charts of clutter your charts with lots of indicators.

Forex Triple B Zone Indicator: This indicator shows you when price has entered an overbought or oversold area. These are the best places to look for trade setups with the best risk to reward ratios.

Forex Triple B Daily Chart Indicator: This indicator provides a snapshot of the Daily Time Frame. It is best to only take trades that are in the direction of the overall trend on the Daily time frame. (Trades are placed on the Hour time frame).

Forex Triple B Filter Panel: There are multiple filters you can check at a glance. This gives you the opportunity to choose trades with the highest possibility of success. You can see if the trade you are about to take is going to run right into Divergence on the Daily time frame or Hour time frame, or if divergence is set to work in your favor. Excellent information to have before you enter a trade.

Keep in mind, you can see all this at a glance, and it is very easy to identify the best trade setups. You’ll also get a alert with all the important information as well as the ability to enter trades with the click of a button.

Place Forex Triple B Trades
With The Click Of Button

When a trade setup occurs, you get a pop-up alert. This alert give you all the information you need to decide if you want to place the trade, or skip it. This frees up a lot of time and allows you to escape the charts and only be alerted when a possible trade setup occurs.


So, when you get an alert, you can check the Indicators to see if you are interested in taking the trade. Check the Daily Chart Indicator and the Filter Panel to pick the best trades. And this is very important… you can see the Expected Risk, Expected Reward and Risk To Reward Ratio.

It is very important for your success as a Forex trader to take trades with a positive risk to reward ratio. When you make more money on losing trades than you lose on losing trades, you can be profitable even if you lose half your trades. But with the powerful filter capabilities of Forex Triple b, there is no need to lose so many trades.

Anyway, if you like everything you see, you just hit the “YES” button and the trade is placed with the money management you choose. Nothing could be simpler.

My Thoughts On Forex Triple B

A lot of at-home traders are looking for a reliable, high probability day trading strategy. The problem is, most day trading strategies can be complex, difficult to learn and difficult to trade. Most traders don’t last trading the strategy long enough to master it.

Even if you find a good strategy and go through all the training, it can be very difficult to trade under live market conditions. When you are staring at the charts at the point of making the trading decision, there is so much to take into consideration there is unbelievable stress of making a mistake. And nothing sabotages Forex trading success like lack on confidence at the point of placing and managing a trade.

Vladimir does an excellent job of helping at-home traders trade like professional traders. All the indicators help you make complex trading decisions at a glance and place the trade properly with the push of a button. Literally, Forex Triple B is a shortcut to trading like a true professional trader.

You see, professional trading is more about being patient and taking the best trade setups than placing a lot of trades. It is not about how many trades you place, but how many of the best trade setups you identify and trade correctly. And this is exactly what the Forex Triple B strategy and tools allow you to do.

So, if you want to trade like a pro trader, and get pro trader profits, Forex Triple B is an excellent opportunity.