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Forex Trading: Why I Decided To Take The Plunge

If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would be interested in trading currency on the Forex Market, I would have told you, “You’re crazy!” I guess at the time I was brainwashed into thinking the only way to make money was to trade time for money.  “Having your money work for you” was something I thought was reserved for those born rich.

But things change…

In 2001, my wife’s father suffered a stroke and we decided to help out.  This meant moving from the States to Chile.  This decision and move has had a profound impact on the course of my life.

As I said earlier, I was used to trading my time for money, as most people in the work force do.  But when you move to a foreign country, you quickly become aware that your options are limited.  Very limited!

I won’t go into all the details, but the transition was rough.  It forced us break away from our previous beliefs and look for money making opportunities in unfamiliar areas.

In 2003, we started an Internet business in the fitness niche.  Without any previous experience (but motivated by our NEED to succeed), we started making money.  And then we started making money enough to create a

And then we realized the possibilities are endless…

So, the first way the move to Chile put me on the path to the Forex Trading was by forcing me to think outside my comfort area.  The second way the move got me involved in Forex was noticing the exchange rate differences.

Most people probably don’t think about it, but the “value” of the money in your wallet and bank account is CONSTANTLY fluctuating in respect to other currencies.  On a day to day basis, you don’t even realize it or pay any attention.  But what happens when you go on a trip to a foreign country?

All of a sudden, you are trying to figure out what your currency translates to in relation to the currency of the country you are visiting.  Is it beneficial?  Will you have more buying power, or less?  Will goods and services be “cheaper” as a result of the exchange rate, or more expensive?  The fluctuation in the value of currency becomes very important.

So, the combination of starting to think differently about HOW I make money, and my experience with exchange rates and how it can directly effect your life lead me to Forex Trading.

But… (there always is a “but” right?)

I knew that learning a new skill like Forex Trading was going to take a lot of time and effort.  I mean, I already know how much time, effort and money I had to put into running my own online business (well worth it by the way).  As a result, I kept putting it off.  I figured I get to it later.

This is why I decided to take to plunge into Forex Trading by using an EA, or expert advisor. Basically, this is a computer script that is programmed to do the trading for you.  Just set it up properly, and if it is programmed correctly and the right things happen in the currency market, you make more winning traded than losers and therefore PROFIT!

Sounds great right? Well, that is what I am going to find out. I’m going to test out different Forex products and services to see if they work and I can really profit without spending the next 20 years learning everything I can about currency trading.

Because of the way I am approaching this, I’m starting with FAP Turbo.  This is the first Automatic Trading Robot proven with real money on LIVE accounts.

Click here to see how FAP Turbo is doing so far!

Now I know some of you reading this don’t have the “benefit”, if you can call it that, of moving to a foreign land.  You may not realize the opportunities to make money that have nothing to do with trading time for money.  And you may not realize what a tremendous opportunity currency trading is REGARDLESS of the economic climate.

So, check out what I am doing and maybe you’ll start to look at the world a little different and start noticing LIFE CHANGING opportunities all around you.

Wish me luck on my first excursion into the Forex Market with FAP Turbo!

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