Trend Jumper Webinar Invite

The traders over at Premier Traders University are holding 2 webinars to go over one of their best trading systems… Trend Jumper.  Webinars are one of the best ways to see a trading system in action, get your questions answered and get a feel for the traders behind the system.

Trend Jumper Webinar Invites:

Go Here for the 12pm EST/9am PST/4pm GMT Release 

Click Here for the 6pm EST/3pm PST/10pm GMT Release 

One of the things that is very interesting and attractive about the Trend Jumper system is the versatility.  This is not just a swing trading strategy (even though this is a great way to trade, is low stress and does not take a lot of time).  You can use this for day trading as well (as the +6,443 pips day trading the EURJPY shows).

Premier Traders University have been giving away the indicators and template for the EURUSD for free lately.  (Complete working version yours for life).  This is a limited time opportunity.  See If EURUSD Trend Jumper Is Still Available

The Trend Jumper system is not just for Forex either.  You can use it to trade just about anything.  Check out these stats:

  • CADJPY: +3,472 pips in 2013 Swing Trading
  • AUDCAD: +2,348 pips in 2013
  • AUDJPY: +3,032 pips in 2013
  • Crude Oil Futures: 89% Successful Trading Days
  • Dow e-Mini, Heating Oil, Dax Futures, Russell e-Mini, EURJPY: 90%+ Successful Trading Weeks
  • EURJPY +6,443 pips day trading in 2013
  • Apple, Google, Netflix all 70%+ Successful Trades

I think you can start to see that the Trend Jumper system has something for everyone.  You can even use it on Tradestation, Ninja Trader or Metatrader4.

Here is a photo of the Trend Jumper system on MT4:

Trend Jumper Trade Examples

Here is a video that does a walk-through of the Trend Jumper system.  You’ll notice how easy it is to trade.

Again, the best way to see this trading system in action is to attend a Trend Jumper webinar.  You are going to see real trades from recent markets (not cherry-picked trades) to see how the system performs NOW.  This is very important.

Here are the webinar invitation links.  Sign up and attend.

Go Here for the 12pm EST/9am PST/4pm GMT Release 

Click Here for the 6pm EST/3pm PST/10pm GMT Release 

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