Momentics Forex Strategy: Live Trade Examples

Momentics Forex Bank Trading Strategy

Momentics Forex Bank Trading Strategy

Momentics is a Forex Bank trading strategy that identifies buy and sell zones the banks are looking at, tells you when to enter the market and shows stop loss and take profit levels.  It even tells you when to move your stop and lock in profits.

Mike Swanson, the creator of the Momentics Forex Strategy is gving you a chance to download and use the Momentum indicator for free.  Download Momentics Here.

One of the other great things the Momentics Strategy does is show you how strong the signal is.  This can help you decide what type of lot size to use on each trade.  Everything is shown on the chart for easy decision making.

Mike Swanson did a video where he shows live trades that Momentics identified.  You can see when to enter and how to manage the trade.  This is always good to know before you try a trading system.

If you want to trade a bank trading strategy, here is you chance.  And the great news is, it is very simple to understand and trade.  This system has a 70% to 90% win rate… so great profits are possible.

Momentics Forex Bank Strategy Trade Examples

One thought on “Momentics Forex Strategy: Live Trade Examples

  1. Looking at the trade examples on this site only one out of 4 gave a result. A suggestion is to use the CCI at +90 and -90 x 360 and also EMI’s 4-6-14 to give better entries. As the demo is at the moment, it’s really of little use with too many false trades

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