Momentics Forex Bank Trading Live Training Webinar

Momentics is a Forex trading system created by Mike Swanson based on bank trading strategies.  The indicator gives you direction, entries, stop loss and targets.  This trading system gives you an edge in the markets by helping you trade like the big bank traders.

Momentics Forex Bank Trading Strategy

Momentics Forex Bank Trading Strategy

Keep in mind, just because this is a bank trading system does not mean you are going to win all the time.  Even bank traders have losing trades.  (I think at-home traders have a misconception about professional traders where they think they don’t lose).

The truth is, trading like a professional bank trader means you use a system that gives you an edge in the market.  It must have a decent win rate.  (Quite frankly, if the risk to reward ratio is good, you should be able to make money with just a 50% win rate).  As long as you get your money management right, this is all you need to make a lot of money trading the currency markets.

Mike Swanson is doing a live training webinar to explain everything about the Momentics Forex Bank Trading System… Momentics Webinar

In the webinar you will learn:

  • The tricks professional traders are using that you are missing out on
  • How Mike doubled his account last night in ONE trade
  • Get the Momentics performance data… how does 3000 pips a month sound?

As always, whenever a real trader is doing a webinar, it is a good idea to attend.  I’ve learned a lot just by sitting in on webinars and listening to what real traders are doing.  You can learn a lot, even if you decide the Momentics indicator is not for you.

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