Day Trading Trend Jumper? +6,443 Pips On EURJPY?

Over the past week I’ve been telling you how you can get a complete working copy for life of the Trend Jumper system by Premier Traders University.  This is a limited time opportunity, but you still have time to download your copy: Download Trend Jumper Here

The thing about the Trend Jumper system that I really like is the versatility.  This trading system is not just for swing trading, but can be used for day trading as well.  Day trading Trend Jumper did +6,443 pips on the EURJPY alone so far in 2013.  It is not just for Forex either, and you can trade Crude Oil, Dow, Apple or just about anything you want.  Check out some of the stats:

  • CADJPY: +3,472 pips in 2013 Swing Trading
  • AUDCAD: +2,348 pips in 2013
  • AUDJPY: +3,032 pips in 2013
  • Crude Oil Futures: 89% Successful Trading Days
  • Dow e-Mini, Heating Oil, Dax Futures, Russell e-Mini, EURJPY: 90%+ Successful Trading Weeks
  • EURJPY +6,443 pips day trading Trend Jumper in 2013
  • Apple, Google, Netflix all 70%+ Successful Trades

There are two live webinars coming up you can attend and see the system in action (real trades from the same day and week – not cherry picked trades).  This is the best way to see how it works.

Thursday, October 3rd12pm EST/9am PST/4pm GMT <= click to reserve spot

I love webinars.  Most people don’t get enough chances to talk to and learn from real traders.  Plus, when you attend a webinar, it is easy to identify the REAL traders and expose the fakes.  I recommend attending one of these webinars, even if you are happy with your current trading system.

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