Forex Traders Elite Signals Over 80% Win Rate For Past 6 Months

Traders Elite, a Forex Signals service, has been closed to new members over the past months.  They are now opening their doors to new members.  Here is an example of the types of trades taken…

Here are some reasons you should give this service a look…

  • Over the past 6 months, they have had an over 80% win rate
  • On Forex pairs they have done over 2,900 positive pips
  • Gold is also traded, with over 13,000 pips over the past 6 months
  • They teach the systems they use (there are 5 profitable systems in all)
  • You get a trade copier for EACH systems signals (it is like having 5 signals services)
  • The price is extremely low

I’ve done a blog about this with a lot more information.  I’ve recently updated it to reflect the stats, results, types of trades and the trade copiers now being offered.  You can check it out here:

If you want to learn the strategies and more about the signals, you can also go directly to the main site…

Traders Elite Forex Signals


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