Forex Signals Service Proof

In this article, I want to talk about Forex Signals Provider Proof. What should you focus on to build trust in the service? Are you able to duplicate the results reported by the signals service? These are some of the questions that need answering.

What Type Of Forex Signals Proof To Look For

Many people look for proof in the form of a 3rd party account statement publisher. There are websites like and where you can make your Metatrader4 account results public. These services can be used to publish the performance of the signals service in a transparent way.

While this looks like a perfect solution, it does have a drawback. In my opinion, the signals service needs to prove the pip numbers they report are correct. Using one of these 3rd party account statement publisher shows much more. You can see profit and loss in terms of money as well as percentage gains or losses. The problem with these numbers is they only reflect one possible outcome of using the signals using one money management strategy.

As a signals follower you should get similar pip numbers. But how much you earn or lose or the percentages your account reflects is determined by the size of your account and the risk management system used to calculate lot size. Therefore, the numbers provided by the statement publishing services can be misleading and distort the decision making process.

Can You Duplicate The Signals Service Pip Numbers?

Seeing how many pips the signals service makes is one thing, but you getting the same results is quite another. You need to be able to trade the signals accurately and duplicate the trading outcome. If you skip trades because the signals come out at any time day or night, you are not going to get the same results. If you use unreliable trade copy software to get the trades, you are not going to get the same results.

Due to slightly different broker price feeds, slightly different spread values and slippage, you should expect slight differences in the trading results. For these reasons, using different brokers will yield slightly different results, and this is normal. The only way to get the exact results is to use the exact same broker as the signals service.

Signals Service With Good Forex Signals Service Proof

Set And Forget Forex Signals show snapshots of the trade levels and results. This Forex Signals Provider Proof you can use to see the results posted on the website really come from the signals they provide. And since you place trades only once a day and the signals are set and forget, it is very easy to use these signals and duplicate the results of the signals.

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