5 Minute Forex Trading Signals Up Against Best Forex Trade Signals Service

Here is a comparison review of the Forex signals providers 5 Minute Trading Signals and Best Forex Trade Signals. I normally do not compare Forex signals providers like 5 Minute Trading where you have to trade manually to Best Forex Trade Signals that automatically places the trades for you. However, since the trade signals come out at the same time, are set and forget and can be placed in only 5 minutes, I decided to make an exception.

5 Minute Trading delivers Forex signals for EURUSD and EURJPY at 03:00 EST and USDJPY and USDCAD at 00:00 EST. At the same time every trading day, you go to the website to access the signal instructions. The signals come out at the same time every day. Then you use the entry, stop loss and take profit to set up the trades in your trading platform.

This is a true set and forget Forex signals service. After placing the trades, you are done until the next day at the same time. You can even close your trading platform as it does not need to be connected to the Internet any more.

The biggest difference between 5 Minute Trading and Best Forex Trade Signals is how you have to place the trades manually. Best Forex Trade Signals automatically places the trades for you on the broker level. But since the signals can be placed in under 5 minutes does not make this difference extremely important.

With Best Forex Trade Signals you get both the trade signals and the advanced money management. This means you can dupicate the percentage gains the service gets, and not just the pip gains. Followers of the signals copy the lot size according to the size of their account which means the same percentage gains are possible.

In comparison, 5 Minute Trading does not help you with the money management aspect of trading. You get all the information needed to place the trades and get the same pip numbers. But they do not give you any indication as to what lot size to use.

Coming up with money mangement rules is not hard if you are an experienced trader. But if you are a novice trader and do not have a good money mangement strategy, this can be very important. You could be leaving profits on the table by using too low a lot size, or risking too much.

At the end of the day, it is best to get both the trade signals and the advanced money management like Best Forex Trade Signals offers. Once you account is set up to receive the signals, there is nothing more to do so it is very easy. Plus being able to copy the advanced money management keeps you from making costly money management mistakes. To see the full comparison visit: 5 Minute Trading Signals

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