As we’ve stated in the past, we do not just write about Forex related products and services… but we actually trade Forex.  Besides a good Forex broker, we also use some Forex trading tools in our daily trading.  These resources make the trading easier, faster, more accurate and in some cases, more profitable.


ForexVPSA Virtual Private Server runs its own copy of an operating system and is essentially like having a separate, virtual computer at your disposal.  There are a few important benefits to running your trading business from a VPS:

  • All your trading activities can be done from one place.
  • You can access your VPS from any computer with a Internet connection.
  • Most importantly:  You can leave your trading platforms connected to the Internet without having to keep your home/office computer on.

Using a VPS to host your trading platforms is more than just an organized way of conducting your trading… it can improve your trading results and increase your profits as well.

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Trader On Chart – Trade Placement Tool

Trader On ChartWe use a tool called Trader On Chart to place all our trades. This tool allows us to use the PIP values for stop loss and take profit and can automatically calculate the proper lot size. Nothing could be simpler.

Not only does this make placing the trades easier, it can calculate the right lot size to use (like % of balance), and keep you from making costly mistakes. (It is easy to make a mistake when you have to manually plug in so many price levels and calculate the proper lot size).

It literally takes only a few seconds to place trades accurately with this tool.

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Forex Order Manager

Forex Order Manager ScreenThe Forex Order Manager is a simple but highly effective Expert Advisor that allows you to automate your trade management. If you want to use advanced trade management features on AUTOPILOT like moving your stop to breakeven, locking in profits or a whole host of other options, this is a great little trading tool.

• The tool is very simple to set up and use. (We don’t want anything too complicated)
• You set the tool up on one chart and it handles ALL trades on all currency pairs. (We only have to set it up once)
• The tool is very accurate and effective. (We have been using the tool on live accounts and it works perfectly)
• The tool is very inexpensive. (It only costs $19.95).

The Forex Order Manager can put your favorite exit strategy on autopilot.

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These Forex trading tools have been used to help us trade on live, real money accounts.  We hope you find some use for them in your Forex trading.

Forex SOS Course + U-Boat FX Strategy

forextradingsosThe Forex SOS Course… There is a common factor holding traders back, that once exposed, can help struggling traders find the true path to profits. Most traders are only realizing a tiny fraction of their potential, and by going though the Forex SOS Course and applying what you learn, you can make changes that lead to significant growth and profits in the shortest time possible.


U-Boat FX StrategyThe U-Boat FX Strategy…. Avoiding or eliminating the PITFALLS standing in your way and using the LIFELINES as a guide to create a profitable trading strategy can lead to the trading breakthrough you’ve been seeking. But talk is cheap. Therefore, I created a trading strategy, called the U-Boat FX Strategy, based on the lifelines taught in this course and PROVE its profitability in an in-depth case study showing 110% GAINS.


Students get all the indicators, templates and rules necessary to trade the U-Boat FX Strategy exactly as it was traded during the case study period!

We have secured a DEEP DISCOUNT for this valuable Forex course and strategy combination.  This course currently sells on Udemy for $50.  But as a visitor to our site, we have struck an amazing deal.



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