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Date: January 29th, 2009

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Greetings Forex Traders Looking For EASY PROFITS,

Forex Terminator is a combination profitable Forex Trading System and Expert Advisor.

You can either load up the templates and use the easy to read indicators to place the trades yourself (I love this option as I don’t like giving total control to a robot), or you can set up the robot to do all your trading on autopilot.

The great thing about the indicators and trading rules is, once it is set up, you can do a visual back test and see IMMEDIATELY how powerful this system is!

Within 30 seconds of looking at the charts, I started salivating at the potential of Forex Terminator.  No kidding… I could see immediately that this Forex System WORKS!

“Forex Terminator is perfect for me because I don’t have to sit and watch the market all day.  I’ve visually back tested Forex Terminator system and can see that it works and wins much more often than it loses.”

Forex Terminator Beta Tester

Top 3 Reasons Forex Terminator Is A Must Have Forex System…

  • Easy Installation & Use: I hate Forex systems that are too complex and take forever to set up.  I set up Forex Terminator on my MetaTrader4 platform in about 2 minutes.  Within seconds I understood all the signals and indicators needed to make winning trades.  It really is that simple!
  • Low Time Requirement: If you use the Expert Advisor, just set it up in a couple minutes and you’re done.  I like to trade manually, so a little more time is needed.  Forex Terminator works on the 4 Hour Chart… so all I need to do is take a look at the chart for about 30 seconds every 4 hours to see when a trade develops. (And by the way, Forex Terminator pops up a signal on your computer when a potential trade is coming up, so you really don’t even have to pay attention to the charts at all!)
  • HUGE PROFITS: You can either set your Take Profit at 100 – 300 pips, or wait for the next signal to close the trade.  No matter how you do it… there is BIG money to be made here. Looking back over the charts, there are some trades that went over 1000 pips!

You can see how the Forex Terminator system works on LIVE accounts here.

What Does Forex Terminator Consist Of…

Expert Advisor, Indicators & Template: Forex Terminator comes with everything you need to get started in MINUTES.Forex Terminator works with MetaTrader4, a very popular Forex trading platform.  All you need to do is transfer some files to the correct folders and open MetaTrader4. Then simply attach the template to the Currency Pair chart you want to monitor… and you’re done!You don’t need to set up all the indicators separately… everything is done for you!
Manuals For Both The System & Expert Advisor: The manuals walk you through step-by-step with photos how to set up the charts for manual trading and the Expert Advisor for autopilot trading.  (It literally takes less than 2 minutes.)For manual trading, there is about 1 page teaching you how to read the indicators and make a trade.  Seriously, this system is so easy to learn and UNDERSTAND that you don’t need more than ½ page of instruction!That’s ALL you need to start making real PROFITS with Forex Terminator!

**PLUS – You get some really cool bonuses if you act fast enough.

PROS: Forex Terminator is extremely easy to set up and understand.  But the best part is, once you are set up, you can see at a glance how profitable this system is. I looked back over many different currency pair charts and was surprised at the tremendous amount of winning trade situations this system uncovered.  Yes, there are some losing trades every now and again… but no system is 100% perfect.

The potential for HUGE profits and very few loses is the biggest PLUS of Forex Terminator!

CONS: The only thing I can think of that might be a con for some traders is that Forex Terminator works on 4 Hour charts.  This means trades develop over many hours, or even days. I personally don’t care how long a trade takes to mature… as long as I keep gathering pips! But I know some traders like to make trades and know the outcome fast… so this might require some patience if you are one of the “fast” traders.


After testing both the Expert Advisor for autopilot trading and Manually trading the Forex Terminator system, I recommend you ONLY use manual trading. Autopilot trading in backtests showed this option to be less profitable than trading manually. Just goes to show you… some things are better with human intervention!

But don’t be discouraged… after you see the great results I got using this Forex Trading system and making the trades manually, you’ll forget all about the Expert Advisor option. Make sure to follow the links to the trades I’ve made in the “Personal Experience With Forex Terminator” section below!

“I was really struggling with my trading until I started using the Forex Terminator system and I can’t believe how it has increased my profitability.”

Forex Terminator Beta Tester

Personal Experience With Forex Terminator…

** Here is a video of what the chart looks like when Forex Terminator is hooked up… click here to watch Forex Terminator video

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Check Out Some RESULTS I’ve Had So Far…

*** 271 Pip Profit Overnight

*** Another 160 Pips In Profit

*** 2 Trades For 391 Pips In Profit


I can’t think of a reason not to get Forex Terminator immediately.  It really is a powerful Forex system that is simple to set up and use. And the potential for HUGE PROFITS is something you want to take advantage of right away!

I can think of one reason NOT to delay… a system this powerful will INCREASE in price or be sold out VERY quickly!

If you’re ready to start making consistent profits trading currency with very little effort then click here now!


Forex Terminator comes with a full 60 day 100% money back guarantee.  This is plenty of time to test the SYSTEM and EXPERT ADVISOR out for yourself.

If you don’t get the results you expected, just ask for your money back – No Questions Asked!