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Forex signals are great for people who do not have a lot of time to trade Forex, or simple don’t want to have to learn how to trade on their own.  Plus, following Forex traders who are already profitable in the markets eliminates a lot of stress and doubt independent traders face.

Here is our top Forex signals recommendation:

Forex Investing Live

Forex End Of Day Signals Results

Set And Forget Forex Signals Results

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Other Recommended Forex Signals Services:

 vlad Vladimir Forex Signals is one of the longest running Forex signals services around. The reason is simple, his signals are profitable.  Vladimir’s trades are available to trade manually, but are recommended to trade with the trade copier for best results. Great for people who want to put their trading on autopilot, but also learn about Forex trading from a seasoned pro. Learn More…
 traderselite Traders Elite is another long standing Forex signals service where trade copying is the recommended method of trading.  There are various strategies at work here, so it is really like 5 signals services in one.  Great for people who want various signal options for auto-trading within the same service. Learn More…


Want to be an independent Forex trader?

Forex SOS Course + U-Boat FX Strategy

forextradingsosThe Forex SOS Course… There is a common factor holding traders back, that once exposed, can help struggling traders find the true path to profits. Most traders are only realizing a tiny fraction of their potential, and by going though the Forex SOS Course and applying what you learn, you can make changes that lead to significant growth and profits in the shortest time possible.


U-Boat FX StrategyThe U-Boat FX Strategy…. Avoiding or eliminating the PITFALLS standing in your way and using the LIFELINES as a guide to create a profitable trading strategy can lead to the trading breakthrough you’ve been seeking. But talk is cheap. Therefore, I created a trading strategy, called the U-Boat FX Strategy, based on the lifelines taught in this course and PROVE its profitability in an in-depth case study showing 110% GAINS.


Students get all the indicators, templates and rules necessary to trade the U-Boat FX Strategy exactly as it was traded during the case study period!

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