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Forex MegaDroid New Trade By Trade Results

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One of the things traders look for when deciding on a Expert Advisor is past performace.  And looking at the performace on a trade by trade basis can give insight as to whether the Forex robot is right for you… or not. John and Albert, creators of Forex MegaDroid have just uploaded NEW trade statements for EVERY year starting at 2001.

To see the trade statements for yourselves, just go to Forex MegaDroid and scroll down to about the middle of the page and look for this…

Click Here To See The MegaDroid Trade Statements

Then all you need to do is check the year you want to investigate and scroll down to see the Trade-by-Trade action.

After looking at the trades, I’m impressed at how rarely the Robot makes a losing trade.  (By the way, there is NO trading system in existence that can be 100% accurate).  And more scarce are the instances where there are two losing trades in a row.

This is very important because Forex MegaDroid lets you set how much of your account balance you want to risk and how many lots you want to trade.  Having control over the money management like this means even a system with only slightly higher than 50% win rate can be tweaked for profits. And since Forex MegaDroid seems to have a MUCH higher winning rate (over 90%)… I see a lot of profits to be made here!

When you scroll down, you’ll see the trades like this…

Click Here & Go To Middle Of The Page

As you already know by now, I’ve purchased and am currently testing this Forex robot.  I have it set up on a DEMO account and it is making trades.  But keep in mind, Forex MegaDroid does not trade on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays… so it takes some time to collect data.

The only way to find out how Forex MegaDroid is going to work for YOU, is to get it, set it up with YOUR settings and put it on a DEMO account for a broker YOU choose.  How YOU set it up does play a role in performance. So, don’t just take their word for it (or mine either), until you test it out for yourself!

Get & test Forex MegaDroid For Yourself Today!

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