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Forex MegaDroid: Artificial Intelligence Or Artifical Hope?

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I have to admit… I’m a sucker for a great Forex trading robot. This means the upcoming launch of Forex MegaDroid is hard for me to resist!

Be honest… who wouldn’t like to use a automated robot using a proven trading system to make winning trades and tons of cash while at work, play or sleep? And while my search for the perfect Expert Advisor has been rocky at best… I still can’t help WANTING to find the perfect automated solution.

Before I explain why Forex MegaDroid caught my eye, let me explain a little of my past experience with Expert Advisors…

Most Expert Advisors Are Junk

First… most are junk.  I normally look to some of my trusted sources to see what their experience was before I buy or test a Forex robot.  This immediately weeds out a lot of the losers. But even when I do take the plunge… most don’t survive testing! (This means I won’t go live with it… which makes the robot worthless).


Even though most Expert Advisors don’t work well enough to go LIVE with, they do make winning trades.  Some of them make a LOT of winning trades.  So, the dream of someone smarter than me coming up with a winning Expert Advisor stays alive. I BELIEVE it is possible to put your Forex trading on autopilot!


Even Winning Robots Are Not Completely “Hands Free”

Second… even the Forex robots that work require some work. The Expert Advisor that has given me the most hope and has performed extremely well is FAP Turbo.  I has had great results with backtesting, demo trading and live trading… and so have a host of other users.

But it is not as simple as “set and forget”.  Yes, the default settings are profitbable.  But if you want to get the most profit, you need to know which currency pairs are working and which settings give you the most possible profit. This has lead many users to join FAP WINNER… a membership site run by Charles Floyd where he gives his setting and updates these settings every week according to the market conditions.

So you see… even though it does work well, you still need to work at it and keep up with the most profitable settings.  (Don’t get me wrong, even with these drawbacks, FAP Turbo is still the best I’ve seen so far!

Click here to see my FAP Turbo Reveiw

Why Forex MegaDroid?

Why am I looking forward to the release of Forex MegaDroid? Well, the creators (Albert Perrie and John Grace), claim a stunning 95.82% success rate through “Artificial Intelligence” programming.  Supposedly, this robot can “think” and predict the near future of the markets and take this into account when placing trades.

This means it could really be the “hands free” solution many Forex traders (myself included) are looking for.  Instead of getting crushed when market conditions change (like happens with most other robots), or constantly having to tweak your settings (like with FAP Turbo)… Forex MegaDroid is supposed to be able to adjust itself!

This really is quite a claim and something definitely worth looking into!

WARNING: I get the feeling that this will be a limited release (but I’m not sure).  This means you might not have time to let me test Forex MegaDroid out and pass on my findings. So, if you are interested in the next generation of Expert Advisor, you’ll probably have to get it yourself and test it out.

Like I said earlier, even failing Expert Advisors have given me the hope that putting my Forex trading on complete autopilot should be possible.  And while FAP Turbo might take a little more work than I want from an “automated” solution… it still has been very profitable.  If Forex MegaDroid truly does “raise the bar” of Expert Advisors… I’m very excited to test it out.

I just hope this “Artificial Intelligence” doesn’t turn out to be “Artificial Hope”!

Forex MegaDroid Goes LIVE March 31st

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  1. Forex Megadroid Review Chains

    This forex robot is performing better than I expected. It seems that its slow picky trading style is working! Might be a good fight for FapTurbo

  2. Edward Lomax

    I agree. So far, 14 trades with only 1 loser. (Around 93% win rate like stated on the website… amazing!)

    Do keep in mind that you can use MegaDroid and FAP Turbo together on the same account. Since they work on different currency pairs, you can use them together.

    If I had to pick between the two right now, I am leaning to Forex Megadroid.

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