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Forex MegaDroid: 90% Win Rate So Far

Posted on April 22nd, 2009 by Edward Lomax

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I’ve been testing the Forex MegaDroid expert advisor for about the past two weeks.  I haven’t talked about it for about a week because it wasn’t getting into many trades (nothing wrong with the robot, just the market was not right for trading).  But today I do have a couple of things to talk about.

Forex MegaDroid Has Been Updated

The other day I got an email announcing the new, updated version of Forex MegaDroid.  I went to hook up the new version, but it just so happened the robot was trading at the time (which resulted in a win!).  So, I set it up yesterday.

2 Winning Trades Last Night

Last night Forex MegaDroid made two winning trades:

Nice to see a 25 pip profit while I was sleeping!

Forex MegaDroid 90% Win Rate Since Start Of Testing

Since I started test this Forex robot, it has made exactly 10 trades.  9 trades were winners, and 1 was a loser.  So, it has a 90% win rate so far… which is AMAZING!

This is the first time I’ve tested a Forex robot and it performs pretty much like advertised.  Usually, you see people complaining that the robot does not perform like the “proof” shown on the site.  But this time it does.

Here are two things I really like that is exactly like John and Albert said:

1. High win rate. 90% is great!  And while past performance cannot say what the future will hold… I’m glad to see that the 90% win rate is possible.

2. Hardly two back to back losing trades. In my case, there has only been 1 losing trade, which was followed by 8 winners.  While losing trades should be expected with any robot or Forex trading system… it is nice to see Forex Megadroid bounce back quickly.

My testing so far has been very positive… and I’m looking forward to making money on autopilot with Forex MegaDroid.

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  1. John Harker

    I have had Forex Megdroid on test agaisnt 11 other top Forex robots on my testing site since April 2nd 2009. So far it is up 9.8% or 145% p.a. It is current ranked 3rd best robot on the site.

  2. Stewart Alexander

    I’m very interested in Megadroid. Thank you for posting your review.

    Can you please provide additional info on Megadroid’s performance since this update? That would be fantastic.

    Thanks in advance and have a great day.

    Stewart Alexander

  3. Edward Lomax

    Hey Stewart,

    Forex Megadroid just keeps on winning. Every once in a while there will be a loss… but losses happen very rarely. The important thing though is the fact that I have never had a losing month using Megadroid.

    Here are some things I think you should know…

    Forex Megadroid does not trade a lot. Some days it doesn’t trade at all. So, if you are one of those traders that like to see a lot of trades every day (regardless of whether they are winners or losers), then you won’t like this.

    Some traders like to micromanage the robots. I don’t. The point is to set it up and forget about it. Then you are pleasantly surprised when you open your account and see all the profits.

    Hope this helps,

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