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Automated Forex Grail: Why I’m Buying And Testing This Expert Advisor

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After the positive results I got with FAP Turbo, I’m always on the look out for another Expert Advisor to put my Forex trading on autopilot profitably.  The latest Forex autopilot solution to catch my eye is called Automated Forex Grail.

Check out the full details of the Forex Grail.

First of all, the name really gets your attention. Most Forex traders scoff at the idea of finding the Holy Grail of Forex systems, signals or automated robots.  So, Dr. Robert Johnson and Stephen Grey, the creators of the Automated Forex Grail, are really raising the bar as far as expectations are concerned.  I just can’t resist getting it myself and putting it to the test.

Here are some things I found on the website that also caught my eye:

“Not only are we going to show you this systems performance in backtests AND forward tests we are also using LIVE accounts with REAL money.”

This is really important and the exact steps I use to test.  First, I backtest.  Then forward test with a DEMO account.  Then if everything looks good… go LIVE!

“As if that isn’t enough proof that the automated grail actually works we are also going to show you videos, screenshots AND….. will even let you login to our LIVE account with our investor password!! NO other forex system provider will allow this simply because they know that there ‘photoshopped’  fake screenshots cannot be backed up with a matching live account.”

Talk about going out of their way to end skepticism!

“Below we have the results from the last 9 years performance (yes NINE years) a mind blowing $700,000 pure profit from a $500 deposit trading single lots.”

I really like the idea of starting with a small deposit and watching it grow on autopilot.

“Now most of you will know how impressive that is but what’s even more impressive is that within that time NOT ONE year has been a loser. Pick a date - any date and run a backtest and this system WILL have profited, and were not talking a few hundred bucks we are talking thousands and thousands per year!!

This is important because it shows the results are not hand-picked to show only the results they want you to see.

A few quick facts about the Automated Grail System.

Over $700,000 proven profit from a $500 deposit trading the automated grail system using single lots (over $7 MILLION if trading 10 lots per trade)

Real time optimizing engine adapts to any market condition.

Easy to install. Easy to use. It takes at most 5 minutes to get the software up and running.

Breathtakingly simple. It’s easily and quickly understood by the experienced trader as well as total newbees.

You can start with a real Forex account or learn the ropes on a demo account without risking any real money.

A highly profitable system that lets you earn thousands of dollars each day.

The software has no emotion… It can’t get angry or greedy… so it allows YOU to operate at 100% efficiency.

Ok, I think you can understand why I am interested in testing this automated Forex robot for myself.  I’ll be honest, I’ve tested a lot of duds.  This is why I really went over the website to see if I could spot something that would make me think this wasn’t legit.  But everything seems to be ok, so only buying Automated Forex Grail and testing it for myself will tell the true tale.  Of, course I’ll be posting my findings on this blog.

If you are interested in testing this automated Forex robot for yourself I suggest you hurry. Here is something I cut from the website:

“I WILL pull this from sale when the quota has been reached (and this is not some marketing gimmick - It WILL be pulled from sale shortly), now this could be today, tomorrow or maybe next week but you can be assured that if you hesitate, even for a second there is a very distinct possibility that it will not be here for you to get! And once its gone, its gone, there are no second chances.

Well, I got to get busy testing!

To learn more, go to the Automated Forex Grail website!

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3 Responses to “Automated Forex Grail: Why I’m Buying And Testing This Expert Advisor”

  1. Automated Forex Grail: First Tests... $201.15 On Autopilot | forextradinglab.com Says:

    [...] Automated Forex Grail: Why I’m Buying And Testing This Expert Advisor [...]

  2. asmocon Says:

    It is just a scalping software, which 99% of brokers don’t allow, and if they notice you are scalping will adjust your spread to massive amounts (making anykind of scalping software useless). Check the trades, they open and close within about 30 seconds of each other. Also, it claims all the tests are on a live account, on a real server, blah blah blah, yet all the order numbers are “demo” account order numbers. Please, quit posting and promoting fake stuff.

  3. Edward Lomax Says:

    Hey asmocon,

    Thanks for your comment and suggestion on what I should blog about.

    I just want to clear up a few things…

    This post was about why I bought and am TESTING this product. I actually test things to see what my results are… I don’t take things at face value.

    My test results don’t show any 30 second trades like you talked about. Many of the trades are open anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours.

    I haven’t actually endorsed this Expert Advisor and put it on my list because of the high stop loss it uses. It makes a lot of positive trades, but one loss can wipe out a lot of profit, or even put you into a loss situation.

    I don’t know if you actually bought and tested this robot or not. This is what I have to do to make an honest and educated determination. Believe me, if I could just look at something and tell how profitable (or not) it is, it would make my job a lot easier.

    Unfortunately, testing is the only way to get to the bottom of things, so that is what I do. But thanks for your comment.

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