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WARNING: There is a BIG difference between the way most At Home Traders trade and how the PROS trade…   

“Thomas Strigano Gives An INSIDERS Look Into Trading Forex Profitably… So YOU Can Use The Same Mindset, Money Management & Trading Strategy Big Time Investors Use To Generate HUGE Profits!” 

Review by: ForexTradingLab.com

Date: Feb. 11, 2009 

Attention Forex Traders Who Think They Are Missing Something,

Forex Confidant is Thomas Strigano’s account of the trading strategy used by professional traders managing HUGE sums of money… with the pressure to make 8 TIMES their balance size just to keep their jobs! 

This Forex trading manual is VERY different from the Mechanical Systems or Expert Advisors you are probably used to seeing.  It will scare you.  It will frustrate you.  But it is a view of Forex Trading you don’t want to miss! 

We are all looking for an “easy” Forex trading solution.  I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to learn a new skill that can bring in thousands of dollars that we can learn in a few minutes on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  But the truth is, Forex trading is a ruthless, high stakes endeavor… and needs to be approached with the knowledge and experience of a seasoned pro who has proven themselves in the big game.  

Forex Confidant is such an account… and can go a long way to improving your trading. 


The proof is in the profits, right?  And while anyone can “hand pick” winning trades to show their system works, after reading the book, you know this guy is the real deal.  So let’s look at some winning trades made by Thomas Strigano: 

Here is a trade for $3,885 dollars in just an hour of trading: 

Or how about over $14,000 in only 4 days: 

Sounds like Thomas has something to offer, right? 


“This guide can take any newcomer off the street and turn them into a seasoned pro making serious cash pulling trades in no time.”


Forex Confidant Site


 Top 3 Reasons I Thought Forex Confidant Was Worth Testing… 

  • Professional Perspective: Thomas Strigano is not a self taught or demo account trader… he comes from a background of professional trading with huge institutions. I believe the home trader needs to adopt similar strategies if they are to be consistently profitable. 
  • Forex Confidant Tells It Like It Is: While reading the site, I quickly realized this was something very different. Most Forex products try to tell you how easy it is and “sell the dream”. Usually, the product falls WAY short of delivering the dream. But in this case, Thomas is telling you it will be challenging… and then sets out to give you the knowledge and strategy to overcome that challenge! 
  • Professional Traders MUSY Be Profitable: Big Banks and Investment Firms are unforgiving… you either can make profits or you are gone! So learning from someone who has survived and flourished in that environment is something every trader should do. This is how to survive and profit in Forex Trading, and there are valuable lessons to be learned here. 

See the authors disdain for Forex Robots and Systems here

What Does Forex Confidant Consist Of? 

Forex Confidant is a 138 page ebook.  The book is full of real life trading experiences, Rules for successful trading, money management advice and the actual system he uses to trade Forex.  There is a lot of information crammed into these pages, with golden nuggets scattered throughout.  Not a book you just want to skim. 


There is an option to get videos of Thomas making an actual trade.  This is very helpful to understand the system and get a feel for setting up the charts and making the trade.  This is a one-time offer and does not come with the book purchase alone. 

PROS: It is refreshing to have someone with such widespread experience give it to us straight… without “sugarcoating”.  There are too many “pie-in-the-sky” Forex products out there that promise the world and then don’t come close to delivering.  This honest approach outlines the difficulties of being a consistently profitable Forex trader so you can enter this endeavor with open eyes. 

The good part is, Thomas was faced with even more difficulties and pressure as a professional trader.  So, the solutions he came up with and shares in the book are strategies and tactics that have been proven to work under the most difficult of circumstancesThese are solutions we can use in our trading to become more profitable as well.

I think the section on Money Management is a MUST READ! 

CONS:  The actual trading system, while not extremely complex, is hard to understand just from the pages themselves.  Since the system is ruthless in protecting your money while looking for high profit trades, it is not just about looking at a few simple indicators.  It really is a sophisticated trading style that will take some time and effort to implement properly. 

Having said that, I think the time and effort is worth it if you really want to approach your Forex trading like a pro… and will set you on a journey of discovery that will end with more money in your pocket! 

WARNING:  There are a lot of mathematical calculations to be made in order to follow along with the book properly.  Have a calculator handy! 




“Whether you are a complete novice or a full time trader you will come away from this book with an appreciation of Tom’s experience and knowledge.


If you want to be a better trader… then read this book!”


Forex Confidant Site



I think we all got involved with Forex Trading because we realized what a tremendous opportunity it is to make money and create wealth.  And once the dreams of easy money fade, we realize we are going to have to learn more and put in more effort in order to be successful.  Some just drop out at this point.  For the ones that continue, we are always looking for the edge to make our trading more profitable and are determined to face the challenges of Forex trading head on. 

Forex Confidant is one of those books that challenges you to become a better trader… and should be read by anyone serious about making money in the Forex market. 

If you are ready to start Forex Trading like a seasoned pro then click here now!


Forex Confidant comes with a full 60 day 100% money back guarantee.  This is plenty of time to test the trading system out for yourself.  If you don’t get the results you expected, just ask for your money back - No Questions Asked!

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