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Obviously, if you are to make real money trading Forex, you need to open a live, funded broker account in order to place your transactions.  As you are probably well aware, there are a lot of considerations to take into account when choosing a broker.  

To keep things short, look for a Forex broker with these characteristics:

  1. Use a Regulated Forex Broker where your funds are kept in segregated accounts at leading, accredited banks and fast and easy deposit and withdraw options are available.  (This means your funds are going to be safe and secure so you can concentrate on your trading and not waste time worrying about your money).
  2. The broker should not trade against you, your order should be passed straight through to the liquidity providers and therefore should not have a dealing desk.  (You want to participate in the Forex market without getting caught up in any games the brokers might play to make unfair profits off your trading).
  3. The broker should have tight spreads, low slippage and fast trade execution.  (You want the best trading environment possible so your trades reflect your trading decisions, and not discrepancies caused by the broker).
  4. We personally look for Forex brokers where the Daily Candle closes at 5 PM Eastern Time.  (Most systems and services use this time as the end of day and the start of the next, so it is good to have any indicators or tools reflect this time period).

Many people realize their broker choice is important from the viewpoint of keeping their funds secure.  But until you’ve been trading on a live account with a broker for a while, it is harder to tell how much your broker selection can effect your profits and trading results.  It is surprising to learn just how different your performance can be from one broker to the next.

Here are the brokers we trust with our live trading with real money, and highly recommend:

IC Markets (Non US)
IC Markets
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