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Forex Avenger Review

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IMPORTANT: It You Can Follow A Simple 3 Step System, You Can Make Money Trading Forex…

“Forex Avenger Teaches You The EXACT Rules Of A Proven 100% Mechanical Forex Trading System… So You Can Hunt Down Profits Like A Seasoned Pro!”

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Date: Feb. 12, 2009

Welcome Forex Traders Looking For A PROVEN System,

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I’ve done a complete Case Study of Forex Avenger where I’ve tested it for profitability… and increased profits by 279% and 789%!  Go To for details!

Forex Avenger, by Dave Curran is a collection of 3 different Mechanical Trading Systems… Forex Avenger, Advanced Techniques and The Set ‘N Sleep System.  Not only do you get each system explained in full detail, but a series of 23 videos that explain the trading strategy as well as full examples of the trades in action.  This is an excellent way to learn this system, and leaves nothing to chance.

Read the materials, watch the videos and you WILL understand how to trade this system yourself!  If you are looking for a simple to understand, low risk and HIGHLY profitable Forex Trading System… Forex Avenger is an excellent option.  As a matter of fact, just reading the site where he reveals the 6 Master Secrets Of Forex Trading can help you become a better trader.


Besides watching the winning trades unfold on video, Dave tells a story of how he competed against a Trading Robot.  Here is a photo of the results he got during the test period…

As you can see… pretty impressive results! (Just so you know, there is NO system that produces 100% winners… so averaging around 80% is very impressive!)

“I was really struggling with my trading until I started using the Avenger system and I can’t believe how it has increased my profitability.”

Forex Avenger Site

Top 3 Reasons I Thought Forex Avenger Was Worth Testing…

  • Forex Avenger is a 100% Mechanical System. This means all you need to do is learn the rules… and then FOLLOW the rules. You don’t have to think about, or guess… just look for the right conditions to get into a trade and then make the trade like instructed.
  • Consistent Profitability. Wouldn’t it be great to make a million dollars overnight? Of course it would, but REAL money is made by being a consistent winner. Make more winning trades than losers and have solid Money Management… and you WILL be profitable as a Forex trader. This is what Forex Avenger provides… a consistent system to profit from trading currency.
  • Easy To Understand RULES And Video Examples. Let’s face it, trading Forex can be complex. But the best systems are often the ones that are simple to understand. But even though the Avenger system is simple to understand, it is still nice to have the video examples to see it in action. You can pick up little nuances that you can’t get from just reading alone!

You can see all the different video topics on the site here.

What Does Forex Avenger Consist Of?

Forex Avenger Manual:  This is where you learn the system rules for all three systems.  Read this first to get familiar with the system before watching the videos.
24 Videos You Can Download To Your Computer.  Watch as Dave Curran explains each step of the system, and then walks you through a wide variety of trades so you can see it in action.  This form of learning leaves nothing to chance!

PROS: Forex Avenger is simple to understand an implement. Once you learn the rules, it is easy to spot a possible trade, know exactly when to place your trade and how to get out of the trade with profits.  Just wait for the trade conditions to develop, place your trade and walk away with profits.  It doesn’t get any easier than that!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I’ve done a complete Case Study of Forex Avenger where I’ve tested it for profitability… and increased profits by 279% and 789%!  Go To for details!

CONS: Forex Avenger works on 1 Hour charts, which means you need to check in frequently to find trade opportunities or manage your trades.  Basically, you need to check your charts once an hour during your trading times.  (But after the few minutes it takes to check the charts, you are free to go about your day).

“FYI… I went through the manual and placed a live trade last night…65 pip winner… extended the PT as I expected the USD/CAD to run a bit more… 200 pips more as it turns out.”

Forex Avenger Site


If you trading style is to quickly get into a trade and walk away with profit, I highly recommend adding Forex Avenger to your approach.  You can quickly find trading opportunities and exploit the Forex market for impressive profits.  And while you do need to check in on your trades, there really is no need to sit in front of the computer all day.

The well presented materials, easy to follow system and consistent profitability make this a real value!

If you are ready to start making consistent, profitable trades then click here now!


Forex Avenger comes with a full 60 day 100% money back guarantee.  This is plenty of time to test the 100% Mechanical System out for yourself.  If you don’t get the results you expected, just ask for your money back – No Questions Asked!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I’ve done a complete Case Study of Forex Avenger where I’ve tested it for profitability… and increased profits by 279% and 789%!  Go To for details!