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Strignano’s Forex Signals Identified Over 350 Pips Of Profit In About An Hour Today

Posted on August 19th, 2009 by Edward Lomax

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If you’ve read any of my recent posts, you should know I am now dedicating myself to trading Strignano’s Forex Signals.  I’ve gone so far as to start a separate blog where I keep track of my experience (which has been GREAT so far!) Here is the link to the blog for you to check out: Strignano Forex Trading Blog

As you know, as Forex traders we can only take what the market wants to give us.  But today, the currency market was VERY GENEROUS! That is of course, if you were trading Strignano’s Forex Signals!

There were some big moves on multiple currency pairs, and Strignano’s Signals got us in the moves before they took off.  In just a little over an hour this morning there were 4 signals that were good for over 350 pips of profit.  And the great part was, they only took a couple hours to develop into some very nice profits!

Here is a video that shows you what I mean…

YouTube Preview Image

Start Getting These Signals Yourself

WOW!  I hope some of you got in on those trades!

I know I went a little fast in the videos, so I made this slide show presentation so you can see the EURUSD trade a little better.  Click the arrow button to go through each of the slides…

I just wanted to make sure you understand that Strignano’s Forex Signals is not just about great signals for you to trade.  The levels Tom gives you really is like having a map on your chartInstead of lagging indicators telling you where price has been, Tom’s calculations tells you where price is most likely to goDo you realize how powerful this is? I did a post about the difference between lagging indicators and forward indicators you should read: Strignano’s Forex Signals: Change From Lagging Indicator To Forward Indicator Mindset

I know every Forex trader is looking for an EDGE.  Unfortunately, this usually takes the form of some type of indicator or expert advisor that reports what price has done in the past.  Tom’s way of trading is aimed at “getting you in the train BEFORE it moves”. As you can tell by the trade signals today (by watching the video), the signals did just that!

Once you realize how important these levels are that Tom gives you, and how important the training sessions are with Tom and Carlos, trading Forex takes on an entirely different feeling.  I’m not saying I’m going to be a millionaire by next week.  But I am saying that spending my energy on learning what Tom Strignano is teaching, and then applying what I learn to trading the signals… gives me an advantage over other traders. This is my EDGE.

From what I can tell from the Skype Chat Room, the traders that “get it” are raking in pips.  The one’s that refuse to give up their fancy indicators and past trading habits (which were not making them any money anyway), are probably very frustrated indeed.  I for one am very excited about this service and everything I am learning… and have dedicated myself to going to all the webinars and trading the signals from 8am to 12 non EST every day.  I’m developing the skills to trade these signals (and the other methods Tom teaches)… and those skills are turning me into a real Forex trader making consistent profits.

And that is exactly what I set out to be when I started this adventure into Forex!

Click Here To Get Strignano’s Forex Signals And Calculations

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Forex Traders: Do You Know The Difference Between Lagging And Forward Indicators?

Posted on August 18th, 2009 by Edward Lomax

There was an interesting conversation that happened on the Strignano’s Forex Signals webinar this morning that I think is relevant for ANY Forex trader…

It had to do with lagging indicators vs forward indicators. In simple terms, a lagging indicator tells you where price has been, while a forward indicator tells you where price might go to.  BIG difference.

Carlos Salvatierra said that once you change your mindset from using lagging indicators to using forward indicators… you’ll immediately see a big difference in your trading and account balance. Since most traders are taught to use some sort of lagging indicator to help determine when to trade, I thought this discussion was important for everyone… regardless of the system you use.

You can read the full post on my Strignano Forex Trading Blog where I go into detail as to what type of forward indicators Tom Strignano is talking about.  I think you’ll immediately realize the reason you should use forward indicators instead of lagging indicators.

Click here to read: Strignano’s Forex Signals: Change From Lagging Indicator To Forward Indicator Mindset

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Forex Executor Pro Lets You Trade Better Than Before

Posted on August 17th, 2009 by Edward Lomax

ATTENTION: Metatrader4 Users, Forex Traders Using US Brokers, Scalpers And Any Trader Wanting More Control Over Their Trades,

Executor Pro In Action

Click Here To Increase Your Trading Options And Profits

I’m sure you are well aware of the changes US Brokers put into effect at the beginning of this month.  For a lot of you, these changes might not have changed the way you trade Forex.  But there are some that have had to make some adjustments.

Or, you might just be a Metatrader4 user and want some more trading options to make your trading easier, more accurate and more profitable.

Or, you might be a scalper that is tired of having to wait for a certain amount of pips to accumulate before you can set your take profit levels… making you miss some nice scalping trades.

Whatever the case, if you use Metatrader4 and are looking for more trading options, better execution and higher accuracy… then Forex Executor Pro is a must have trading tool. You are either going to immediately realize the value of this tool, or not.  So, head on over and read the full details to see how this handy Metatrader4 tool is going to make your life a whole lot easier… and more profitable!

Forex Executor Pro

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Ultimate Forex Edge Or Forex Cash Detective? A Lesson In Choosing Wisely

Posted on August 14th, 2009 by Edward Lomax

Over the past week a few Forex products have come out that hit my radar. They are Ultimate Forex Edge and Forex Cash Detective.  Now, assuming you are in the market for a system of trading to make money in Forex, which one should you choose. (In this quick post, I’m going to show you a little about what I look for).  For the record, I’m dedicating my time to Strignano’s Forex Signals (Read: Upgraded My Strignano’s Forex Signals Account To 10 Currency Pairs), but I feel there is a valuable lesson here.

Both these systems work off the daily time frame, so if this is not your thing… you can stop reading now.

Forex Cash Detective is not a trading robot… it is software that gives you signals to trade.  Like I said above, this is on the daily time frame… so testing this one would take a long time.  On the other hand, profits can be very high on the daily time frame… just make sure to adjust your lot size for a larger stop loss.

Ultimate FX Edge is a service that included two strategies for trading the daily charts.  The great part is, you don’t just get the explanation of the strategies.  You also get signals based on the strategies with videos explain why, when and where.  Basically, you are going to place trades based on the strategies they teach you… but they also tell you when to place the trade and how to manage the trade after it is placed.

Now, keep in mind that I haven’t used Forex Cash Detective and I am inside FX Edge (so this might be a little unfair).

But just from what I’ve told you so far… which do you think I would recommend you check out if you are looking for a daily strategy to trade?

I hope you picked FX Edge!

The reason is simple.  What would you feel more comfortable doing…

1. Placing a trade a piece of software spit out, or

2. Placing a trade based on a trading strategy you understand and that has be recommended and taught to you through video by a REAL trader that is placing the trade himself?

Yes… #2!

Plus, you success is due in large part to what you do AFTER the trade has been placed. One of the things I’ve learned since using Strignano’s Forex Signals is that you need to know how to manage the trade after it is placed.  While placing a trade and walking away might be very appealing to a slack, half-hearted Forex trader… the real money comes from managing the trade based on PRICE ACTION like a pro Forex trader!

As a rule, I would suggest you don’t focus on the Forex systems that are designed for a hands off approach.  These systems are created more for their appeal than their results and target people who want to live the dream of making huge sums through Forex trading, but don’t want to put in any effort.  Use some common sense here… the rewards of Forex trading can be so great you should not expect to make money if you aren’t willing to put in some effort.

So, if I had to choose between Forex Cash Detective and Ultimate Forex Edge, I would go with the last one.

Strignano’s Forex Signals work off the 1 hour charts and provide a lot of trading opportunities.  This fits my style, so this is what I am focusing my attention on.  But I’m staying in Ultimate FX Edge because I might want to run this strategy on another account because I only really have to pay attention to it (watching the videos, placing the trades, managing the trades), for about 30 minutes a day.

Anyway, the next time you are faced with a choice like this, I suggest you go for the one that is going to give you the confidence to really trade the signals.  For me, I need more than some numbers spit out of a machine.  This is why I look for a lot of interaction and teaching by the traders using the trading system.  I definitely have this with Strignano’s Forex Signals, and you also get this kind of support with Ultimate FX Edge.

If you understood how important this is… I’m sure you’ll have  a bright future as a Forex trader.

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Upgraded My Strignano’s Forex Signals Account To 10 Currency Pairs

Posted on August 14th, 2009 by Edward Lomax

appollo creedEver since I started to work for myself in one way or another (I haven’t had a boss or “job” in over 8 years), I’ve had a creed.

No, not Apollo Creed!

And believe me, if you are going to jump off the “get a job” bandwagon… you better have a creed to live by too (if you want to succeed). And this very creed is what has lead me to upgrade my Strignano’s Forex Signals account to 10 currency pairs.

First, let’s talk about the creed…

FOCUS Only On What Works (For Me)

Take Immediate And Relentless ACTION

Get The RESULTS I Deserve

Now let’s talk about this creed in terms of Strignano’s Forex Signals….

Focus Only On What Works (For Me):

I want to be a successful Forex trader.  I want to be able to make consistent profits in the currency market to have the life I want and to be able to take care of my family.  But the first hurdle I had to overcome was, “How do I learn to trade Forex?”

There are so many courses, robots, programs, systems and teachers out there… who do I trust.  You can tell from this blog… I’ve tested a LOT of Forex products. I found some that were outright scams, some that worked (but were not for me) and some real gems.  But to be successful, I know I have to FOCUS on just ONE! If I keep jumping from system to system… I’ll never get anywhere.  So, the trick is to find the one Forex system that works (and is right for me)… and then FOCUS all my time, energy and money on mastering that system.

For me… that Forex trading system is Strignano’s Forex Signals.

Take Immediate And Relentless ACTION:

When I first saw Strignano’s FX Signals, I immediately recognized it was something different and exciting.  (I had already read Forex Confidant, so I knew Tom had a lot to teach me).  I joined immediately for the EURUSD and USDJPY currency pairs… just to test things out.  And I’ll be honest, I was testing other Forex systems at the same time.  I thought I could do a lot of things at once… but I soon realized that Strignano’s signals were much more than just signals sent to my email. Tom and Carlos want to teach each member to become an independent Forex trader who can look at PRICE ACTION like an experienced, professional trader!

So, this is not some signal service that turns you into a glorified order taker.  Tom’s signals, webinars, daily recaps and proprietary market calculations are designed to turn me into a successful trader using methods and systems tested by Tom when he was a bank trader.  And after my experience with lots of different Forex products and services… I decided this is EXACTLY what I want to do!

I had already taken immediate action by joining… but I upgraded to all 10 currency pairs because now I am dedicating myself to RELENTLESS action! While I still intend to keep up with my blogging… the only Forex trading I am going to be doing is from the signals and teachings of Tom inside the members area.

Get The RESULTS I Deserve:

Everybody thinks they deserve to be an overnight success with money overflowing from their bank account.  But the truth is, you get back what you put in.  By that I mean I know I will get results based on how much effort I put into it.  If you’ve ever been successful at anything, you know your success is due in great part from doing what is NECESSARY to succeed.  Most of the time, what is “necessary” is a lot harder than we think at first.

This is what really draws me to Strignano’s FX Signals.  Not everyone will get the same results.  The better you manage the trades you place… the more money you’ll make. You are not an “order taker”, where every trader that places the same order at the same time will get the same result.  Tom is dedicated to turning me into a FOREX TRADER that manages the trades like a pro. And I am raising to the challenge!

Look, I know this service might not be for everyone.  Some people reading this might not want to become a Forex trader at all… they just want to make money trading Forex.  (Think about it… there is a big difference).  This is why there are endless indicators, “mechanical” systems and automated robots out there… for people who want to make money in Forex without really doing what it takes to BECOME a Forex trader.

But after testing more than my fair share of these products, I’ve decided that the profits I want from trading Forex are only accessible if I become a REAL trader. I’m aiming high folks… and I’ve picked Tom Strignano to help me get there.

So, the gloves are off.  I’m all in!  The line has been drawn in the sand.

Tom Strignano is doing his job by giving me low risk, high profit potential trade signals, his proprietary market calculations and teaching me through webinars, daily recap videos and Live trading chat room (Yes, I get to talk to Tom during LIVE trading!) Now it is my turn to do my part by putting in the time and effort to learn, practice and apply.

I have to admit… it feels a little bit like cheating.  While my results are ultimately up to me and what I bring to the trade management… I’m given such a head start by Tom it feels a little unfair. I mean, I’m no longer sitting in front of the computer all by myself trying to figure out if I’m reading the indicators right, or if the new trading system I learned was giving me a buy or sell signal.  I get the signals, stop loss and 6 price targets directly from Tom.  It is my job to place the order and then measure market momentum according to how price action reacts to these price targets. The better I get at reading price action and making key decisions… the more I am trading like a pro Forex trader, and the more money I make!

These are exciting times in my Forex trading career, and I have enough experience in trading (and life), to know that upgrading to all 10 currencies in Strignano’s Forex Signals is a turnig point.  Yes, I’m going to have to work at it.  But the REWARDS are OH so worth it!

If you want to join me on this journey… Start Getting Tom Strignano’s FX Signals For Yourself!

I’ll be keeping you posted on my progress both here and on a separate blog I created specifically for that purpose called Strignano Forex Trading.

I encourage you to adopt this creed for yourself and look for ONE Forex system to focus on.  When you find the one that is right for you, take immediate ACTION, and don’t stop until you get the results YOU deserve.

Here is my short list of Forex Trading Lab Approved Forex Products:

Forex Nitty Gritty

Black Dog Forex System

Forex Confidant

Trader Outlook

Ultimate FX Edge

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Tom Strignano Talks Forex Trading Risk Manangement, Money Management And Position Size

Posted on August 13th, 2009 by Edward Lomax

tstrignanoIt’s nice to know that even a successful Forex trader like Tom Strignano started out without a clue about risk management. Of course he learned… or else he wouldn’t be successful! And he shares his knowledge that he learned in the trenches as a bank trader for over 25 years.

Learning money management like the pros is essential if you want to succeed trading Forex.  Regardless of the trading system you are using… you will get crushed if you use the wrong position size, don’t manage risk and mess up your money management.  The odds are just against you.

I look at it like this…

With proper money management, it is possible for me to be profitable only winning HALF of the trades I place. Do you know what a relief it is to know you can lose half of your trades and still walk away with profit? Of course, I aim to do much better than that (and using Strignano’s Forex Signals, I get into low risk, high profit potential trades that do a lot better than 50%).

Anyway, I just posted some articles by Tom Strignano about risk management, money management and position size…

Don’t ignore this.  Tom is a success for a reason… and this is a big one.

After each article, I left some comments.  In one, I compare Tom to a drunken sailor. (On the webinars inside Strignano’s Forex Signals he lets slip some great trading strategies that other traders paid $10,000 to get at a sold out seminar a few months back).  Check them out.

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Strignano’s Signal Trades This Morning: 247 Pips Of Profit On 2 Trades

Posted on August 12th, 2009 by Edward Lomax

I just got done making a post on my Strignano Forex Trading BlogIn the post I go over the details of 2 trades I made this morning using Strignano’s Forex Signals.  You can check out the post here: Making Pips With Strignano’s FX Signals In The Morning

I’m really starting the get in the groove with these Forex signals.  I’ve watched a lot of the recorded webinars and have been on about 3 of the live trading webinars Tom Strignano and Carlos Salvatierra do twice a week.  It has really helped me understand how to manage the trade profitably like I did today.

You might be asking why I need to manage the trade at all, if this is a signal service?

The truth is, this is not like other signal services.  Tom’s goal is to teach you how to look at the charts and react to price action like a professional Forex trader does.  This is why he gives you Daily Range calculations, pivot, supply and resistance calculations.  Combined with the 6 Price Targets you get… these areas become your road-map for managing the trade!

This will probably make more sense to you if you go and check out the two examples I put on the blog about this mornings trades.  (I only traded 2 signals and made 247 pips of profit!)

Check It out: 2 Trades For 247 Pips Profit

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Ultimate Forex Edge: Every Forex Trader Needs And Edge, Right?

Posted on August 11th, 2009 by Edward Lomax

I just wanted to give you a heads up about a new Forex service that just came out today called Ultimate Forex Edge.

I think  it is very important for a Forex trader to get ongoing training.  I don’t think you can learn Forex from an ebook alone… you need more.  Let me clarify… I’m not saying ebooks don’t have good info (sometimes), just that most people need MORE if they are going to make the trading system work for them.

I think it comes down to confidence.  You need to believe in the system enough to put it into practice long enough to get it to work.  Nothing in Forex is 100% accurate… so you need to be able to get through the loses to enjoy the winners.  The last thing you want to do is scrap a great trading system because the first trade you took was a loser.

So, the Ultimate Forex Edge really has put some interesting and ONGOING training tools for you:

  • - 2 Profitable Strategies
  • - Daily Signals
  • - Daily Videos
  • - Monthly Strategy Breakdowns
  • - Ea’s Based On The Strategies
  • - Support By A Real Trader
  • - And more.

I don’t really have time to tell you all about it right now… I’m managing a trade I took this morning.  (Already took some profit and my stop loss is at break even… so managing the trade is VERY enjoyable!) Anyway… get full details by going to Ultimate Forex Edge

Oh no… I feel a rant coming on!

I just wanted everyone who reads this blog to understand something very important.  I want to succeed as a Forex trader… and I want you to succeed. This is why you may have noticed I’m pretty much only recommending Forex systems and services that have ONGOING support. After testing a lot of systems, I’ve concluded that it is this ongoing support that makes the difference between success and failure.

So, is Ultimate Forex Edge right for you?  I don’t know. But I do know it has all the elements of a successful program and could be exactly what you are looking for.  Go read about it yourself and try it out.

You see, I can’t decide which of the Forex programs I recommend is right for you.  I can only pick the one that is right for me.

I, like you, am searching for a home.  I’m looking for a way to trade Forex that fits me and my personality.  I’ve concluded that finding a successful system is not enough (I’ve found plenty and they all have made me money).  What you really need to do is find a successful system that YOU will trade every day according to your rules. I don’t care how successful a system is, you won’t make any money if you are not trading it consistently.

Here is what I mean…

I recommend Forex Nitty Gritty because I feel it is great for beginners and goes over all the things you need to know BEFORE you start trading and gives you the Simple Trading Method to trade.  But I wouldn’t recommend it al all if it didn’t have the ongoing training inside the members area with Daily Videos.  This is what really sets it apart.

Same goes for the Black Dog System.  The 3 systems you get with custom indicators are fantastic.  But it is the member’s site, private forum and live trading chat room that make this a real winner.

How about something for higher time frames like the 4 Hour.  This is why I like Trader Outlook by Bob Iaccino and his Daily Forex Webinars.  Every trading day you get to look at his charts as he gives you trade recommendations.  Plus, there a chat room where you can go over the trades with Bob and other experienced traders.

What am I trading right now?

Strignano’s Forex Signals.  Don’t get the wrong idea… this is not some signal service that turns you into an “order taker”.  Tom and Carlos are teaching you to trade Forex by monitoring price action and making decisions at important price points… just like a pro traderIt is my goal to trade like a pro… so this is perfect for what I am looking for.

Yes, Tom hands me trade signals with entry points, stop loss, market exhaustion areas and 6 price targets to monitor market momentum.  But he also gives Daily Range, Pivot Point and Support & Resistance calculations.  Then there are the live webinars (twice a week) with Tom and Carlos.  Daily recap videos to show you how the signals went and how you should have traded them.  And I can always trade with Tom through a Skype chat room.  See how this is much more than just Strignano’s Forex Signals?

So, what is the point of this rant?

Basically, if you are not profiting in Forex, I think you should look at how you are trying to learn.  I’m not talking about what strategy you use… but how you are trying to learn. If you are planted in front of a trading chart trying to figure all this out BY YOURSELF based on something you read once… good luck.

Look at all the systems and services I just talked about.  Do you see something in common?  (HINT: Ongoing support)

Every one of these systems and services have made me money.  I personally feel comfortable with some over others.  What you need to do is figure out which one YOU feel comfortable with and take advantage of the ongoing trading.

Just think about it…

Every service or program I’ve mentioned has a community around it.  This could be private site, chat room, forum, etc.  And this is important because it shows these are not some fly by night operation.  Trader are trading these systems every day and making money.  If you want to be one of them… you need to communicate and interact with them.

I’m sorry for the rant… but I think it is important you understand this point. Once you learn you need help to be a successful Forex trader (and know where to get that help that fits your personality), then you are on your way to crazy profits.

So, regardless of whether you join Ultimate Forex Edge, or one of the other programs I’ve mentioned (or something else for that matter), you will have an “EDGE” over other Forex traders. And that edge is ongoing support and a community of successful traders willing to help you become successful as well.

Good luck in your trading.

Any thoughts on this… leave a comment below.

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Forex Traders – Is Your Broker Cheating You?

Posted on August 10th, 2009 by Edward Lomax

Broker NightmareYou know, there are a lot of decisions to make when you decide to trade Forex.  What strategy to trade?  What currencies?  What time frame?  What money management rules?  What exit strategy?  But one of the big decisions has to do with brokers. And this is where Broker Nightmare comes in.

If you are like me, you want to spend your time learning to become a better trader and extracting pips from the currency market.  So, figuring out what broker to use, and worrying if they are doing something to cheat me is just a pain.  But, you do need to take the broker issue seriously… because you are handing your money to them and trading through them!

So, most traders do a search on the Internet to check out prospecive brokers… and that is when the problems start.

You start to hear the horror stories.  You start to read accounts of brokers trading against traders, hunting stops and a series of other unscrupulous acts that take money out of your pockets and put it into theirs.  And you start to wonder who you can trust.

Well, you should still look for a broker that is reputable and well funded.  But with this cool little tool called Broker Nightmare, you don’t have to worry about your broker going against you when you are tradingAnd that can be quite a relief.

Look, you know who you are and if this issue is something that keeps you up at night.  If you are looking for a way to keep your trading strategy and trading details secret from your broker (which eliminates foul play)… then you need to check this out.

Learn More About Broker Nightmare

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Forex Cash Detective Or Strignano’s Forex Signals?

Posted on August 10th, 2009 by Edward Lomax

This post is probably not going to sit well with a lot of traders…

Tomorrow, a new Forex trading program is coming out called Forex Cash Detective.  As far as I can tell, it is not a Forex robot that does the trading for you.  It does create trading signals for you so you can go in a place the trades.

Be forewarned, I have not tested this program… it very well could do everything it claims. I’m just thinking that if such a simple and profitable system existed… why aren’t the bank traders using it?  Or if you really did have such a program… why would you ever share it?  (Yes, I know… they don’t need the money, they want to give back, etc).  Just doesn’t sound right to me.

Part of the reason I think this signal creator might be a little too good to be true, is because of my experience with Strignano’s Forex Signals. Now, from the name you might think this is like every other signal service, or a program like Forex Cash Detective.  This is a mistake I, and other Forex traders have made.  (Read my post: Strignano’s Forex Signals: Don’t Trade These Signals Until…)

You see, I think the name throws people off.  They think they are paying for Forex signals.  And while you get a lot of signals (24 hours a day on trading days), this is not where the real value is.  Tom has stated many times, the service is to help you become an independent Forex trader by teaching you how to read price action like an experienced pro. It is the LEARNING experience that holds the real value!

Tom Strignano and Carlos Salvatierra teach you HOW to trade the signals.  While all the signals are valid when they are called, the Forex market is a moving target… so you need to know how to read the price action and REACT as the trade progresses. Once the trade is placed you need to know how to manage it… and that is what is ultimately going to make you a profitable trader.

Now, I’m sure there are some of you that aren’t interested in learning to trade Forex like a pro.  You just want to plug in a trade and collect your profit… similar to the claims of Forex Cash Detective.  But in my experience, as long as you are using proper money management from the start, it is how you act AFTER the trade has been placed that is the most important….

  • How do you reduce risk?
  • When do you move your stop loss to break even?
  • Should you start to scale out of the trade?
  • When is it time to take profit?

We’ve all been in trades we should have gotten out of when in profit… or had trades we got out of too soon and gave up a lot of profit.  These are the type of things Tom and Carlos teach… so you can USE the signals for maximum profit and minimum risk!

Like I said, I haven’t tried the Forex Cash Detective.  I just don’t think a piece of software can replace the knowledge I am gaining by watching the webinars, daily recaps and live trading room with Tom and Carlos.  It is this knowledge I APPLY to the signals when they are given, and I start looking at the market like a successful pro.

I guess it is time you ask yourself…

“Do you want to place orders a software program spits out and HOPE they work… or do you want to place Forex signals based on a proven trading strategy tested in the professional arena, and then learn to manage the trade like a pro?”

It is my sincere belief that the way you answer this question will determine your success or failure trading Forex.

I’ve started a separate blog to document my experience with Strignano’s Forex Signals.  Go here: Strignano Forex Trading (Don’t forget to hit the blog link at the top to see more articles, posts and trades).


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