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Last Chance For Forex Mastery Until Well Into 2010

Posted on December 22nd, 2009 by Edward Lomax

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The Forex Mastery Home Study Course is unique in many ways.  But what really stands out is the commitment of the mentors to helping their students become a Forex success. They not only provide you with all the training and tools you need to put the Forex Mastery trading system into practice effectively… but give you online training under LIVE market conditions.

While this is one of the most fantastic features of this program (you get to work live with your mentors), it does have its drawbacks. For example, the training is designed to take your from beginner to master… regardless of previous experience.  So, the course has to be shut down so everyone can start at the same place. (This means you can’t just join whenever you want… you have to join when classes begin and the doors are opened).

Let me explain…

If they never shut the doors, this means new members would be joining all the time.  Then during the live training, you would be getting beginner questions, intermediate questions and advanced questions all mixed into one.  It would be confusing and less effective for both the other students in the class and the mentors themselves. Believe me, you want to be able to grow with the rest of the students, and not be distracted every time a new student attends the live trading.

The point is this…

If you want to get into Forex Mastery, you need to act quickly. They are closing the doors and probably won’t open them up again until months into 2010. Yes, it will open again eventually… but in the meantime, you’ll be missing out on learning the Forex Mastery trading system and moving along on the path to becoming a successful Forex trader.

Click Here To See If Forex Mastery Is Still Available

The other day, on one of the live training sessions, Forex Joe said they have had over 1000 traders invest in this system… and NOT ONE has said Forex Mastery doesn’t work! This is unheard of in Forex, and shows that the POTENTIAL of this system is evident once you are exposed to it.  Yes, you still have to learn what to do and execute your trading with discipline… but it is nice to know the traders have FAITH in the system.

Now, if you haven’t heard about Forex Mastery before and are wondering what all the hub bub is about, or you just need some more info… there is a Free Webinar tonight at 9 pm EST. You can see what Forex Mastery is all about, your final questions will be answered and you’ll get a chance to hear from REAL students about their experiences.  (PLUS, I’ve heard from a reliable source that they are GIVING AWAY a copy of Forex Mastery during the webinar!)

Click Here To Register For The Final Forex Mastery Webinar Or 2009

Whatever you decide, I wish you well in 2010 and hope your Forex trading improves to where you want it to be.  I made a big step and got Forex Mastery… so my 2010 is planned! And I have the feeling 2010 with the help of Forex Mastery is going to be a great year!

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What Do The Forex Mastery “Turtles” Have To Say?

Posted on December 21st, 2009 by Edward Lomax

As you probably know by now, I purchased the Forex Mastery Home Study Course right before I went on vacation and have been working with over the past couple weeks.  It has quickly become my number one recommendation for learning to trade Forex successfully. I’ve started a new blog called Forex Mastery University where I will be sharing my experiences and progress with Forex Mastery in 2010.

A lot of readers have been asking me what I think so far, and that is part of the reason I started the new blog.  But I think it is important to learn what a lot of other students are saying as well. Forex Joe calls the beta-testers of the Forex Mastery system “Turtles”.  They are traders just like you and me who have had a few months experience with the system. And Forex Joe has just uploaded about a half a dozen NEW audios from the trading Turtles…

Click Here To Listen To What The Forex Mastery Turtles Have To Say

Here is a little preview of what you are about the hear…

Phyllis – A 58 retired hospital pharmacist who first
started trading Forex 5 years ago. But had never had
success, until now with Forex Mastery.

“Wow, finally. My profits range from 25 to 30 pips
per trade… the system has given me an entry and
exit criteria that works. It’s a ‘worry-free’ process”

Jim – He and his wife Cathy have tried trading other
types of trading, with minimal success. But are now
having success together with the Forex Mastery course.

“The Forex Mastery course explains in clear and concise
terms how to trade the Forex Markets, How to develop
the proper mindset to trade, and much, much more. For
us, this has been the best path to make positive pips
on a consistent basis.”

John Spark – A trader from ‘down under’ that is having
so much success with Forex Mastery, he’s recommended it
to his son, his nephew, his auditor, his accountant, and
his golfing buddies. That’s how much he likes his.

“Forex Mastery is by far the best course out there in the
market. In fact I now have absolutely no other course. They
are so committed to us… Sometimes I have to actually pinch
myself I consider Forex Mastery to be my financial insurance
policy. Grab the Forex Mastery course and enjoy.”

Click Here To Listen To All The Forex Mastery Turtles

You have a choice for 2010 It will either be the year you turn your Forex trading around and start to realize your dreams, or it will be much like last year. I have learned that I cannot learn Forex “all by myself”.  I need the step-by-step teaching and access to my mentors that Forex Mastery provides. And my goal for 2010 is to use what I learned in the Forex Mastery Home Study Course and attend the LIVE market training to master this system.

I think you can tell by what the Forex Mastery Turtle have to say that they made their choiceHave you made yours?

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Forex Mastery Webinar REPLAY – Watch This!

Posted on December 21st, 2009 by Edward Lomax

The other day Forex Joe and Bill Tainter put on a great webinar about the Forex Mastery system and how it can help you become a consistently profitable Forex trader.  I know the announcement didn’t give a lot of people the time to get on in this free webinar. Luckily, I’ve gotten a link so you can watch the replay. (It really is worth you time).

Click Here To Watch The Forex Mastery Webinar Replay

Here is a preview of what is on the webinar…

  • A complete overview of the Forex Mastery system and the M3 Navigator Software from the traders that created it…
  • How a self proclaimed “newbie” banked 86 pips last week in the LIVE trading room…
  • And the opportunity to hear from over a dozen actual students who share their experiences and SUCCESS stories!

One of the great things about the Forex Mastery Home Study Course is you are not just given the course with a pat on the back and a “good luck”Forex Joe, Bill Tainter and Gary Albrecht are with you every step of the wayThey are seious about making you a Forex trading success and spend their valuable time (especially in the LIVE trading room sessions), to help you really become a MASTER of this system.

And in my opinion and from my experience, it is better to master one profitable system then to learn everything you can about Forex.  I learned this the hard way and jumped from one course or system or service to another and waster a lot of valuable time and money.  Now Forex Mastery is my number one focus along with another service I really like.  And that is basically all I am going to be doing in 2010 and beyond.

So, ask yourself these questions…

  1. Where do you want your Forex trading to be this time next year? (I’m assuming you want to improve).
  2. Why do you want to raise your level of Forex trading profitability? (Imagine what your life would be like if you attain your goals).
  3. What are you willing to do to make this happen? (This is the most important question to answer).

Since it is the end of the year, it is a nice time to reflect on these questions and find out how you are going to improve as a Forex trader in 2010.

Here are a couple of things I recommend you do right now…

Click Here To Watch The Forex Mastery Webinar Replay

And if you still have some questions…

Click Here To Watch The Question And Answer Session About Forex Mastery

And if you are ready to take action and dedicate yourself to becoming a Forex Master using this proven trading system…

Click Here To See If Forex Mastery Is Still Available

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Is Forex Mastery For You? Find Out At 12 Noon

Posted on December 19th, 2009 by Edward Lomax

This is a great opportunity that I don’t want you to miss. I know, it’s Saturday… but a chance to get on a webinar with the creators of the Forex Mastery Home Study Course doesn’t come along every day. You need to act fast… the webinar starts at 12 noon (Dec 19th).

Click Here To Sign Up For The Forex Mastery Webinar

The webinar is going to be held by Forex Joe and Bill Tainter, two of the traders responsible for putting Forex Mastery together.

Before you go to the webinar, I want you to think about something…

Do you think you would be a better Forex trader by jumping from one Forex system to another (like you have probably been doing), or FOCUSING on one proven Forex trading system until you mastered it?

Depending on how you answer that question, you will either see this webinar as a tremendous opportunity to turn your trading around in 2010or not.

I think you know what to do…

Click Here To Attend The Forex Mastery Special Webinar

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Special Forex Mastery Webinar FREE – Saturday Dec. 19, 12 Noon EST

Posted on December 18th, 2009 by Edward Lomax

Many readers of this and other blogs I write about Forex have been asking me about the Forex Mastery Home Study Course I recently purchased. They are wondering how I like it and what my impressions are.  Well, I’ll sum it up like this… Forex Mastery is now my number ONE recommendation for learning to trade Forex profitably!

And if you hurry you can learn all about the Forex Mastery Home Study Course and Mentoring straight from the traders that created it… Click Here To Sign Up For The Free Forex Mastery Webinar Dec. 19

The trading program is very smart and delivers on identifying low risk, high profit, high probability trading opportunities.  The training is top notch… and the support in the way of online classes Monday through Thursday during LIVE market conditions is second to none! Honestly, I am going to be focusing my attention on trading the Forex Mastery system in 2010.  (Isn’t it great to know what you are going to be doing all next year instead of still struggling to find a system and mentor?)

Now, for those of you who might be thinking… “He is just saying that!”, I assure you I am not.  As a matter of fact, I’ve started an entirely new blog to document my experience with Forex Mastery called Forex Mastery University. (I don’t have much on it yet because I just got back fro vacation and the holidays are coming up… but I’ll be working on this as time goes on).  I wouldn’t set up a blog like this if I wasn´t really serious about this course!

Since it is the end of the year, I think you need to ask yourself… “Is your Forex trading where you want it to be?” If you said YES, then great… jsut keep doing what you are doing.  But if you are not where you want to be, Forex Mastery might be just what you’ve been missing. This course has been 6 years in the making, and Forex Joe, Gary Albrecht and Bill Tainter spent most of that time asking budding Forex traders what they WANT and NEED in a Forex training course.

And in my opinion… THEY DELIVERED!

But again, you don’t need to take my word for it.  Attend the webinar tomorrow and let Forex Joe and Bill Tainter show you what it is all about. I think you are going to be impressed.

So, here is what you should do next…

Click Here To Sign Up For The Forex Mastery Webinar

Check Out My New Forex Mastery University Blog

Read My First Forex Mastery Univeristy Blog Post About The Free Webinar

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Strignano’s Forex Head Fake Master System Closes Down Today

Posted on December 12th, 2009 by Edward Lomax

I was right yesterday when I wrote the post, “Tom Strignano’s Head Fake Video Still Available For Viewing”.  I stated that the video being up meant there was still time to get Strignano’s Head Fake Master System… but it would be going fast.  I just got a message from Tom stating the page will come down sometime today.

Click Here To See If The Head Fake System is still available

Now, I know we don’t have a lot of time, so if you are unfamiliar with Tom’s Forex Head Fake Filter I’ve put some links to blog posts where I talk about how to use this amazing simple and powerful trading technique for some huge gains…

Strignano’s Free Forex Head Fake Video Leads To Major Pips

Strignano’s Forex Signals Question: Head Fake Filter VS The Forex Signals?

Head Fake Plus Trend Reactionary Number Equals Quick Friday Profits

Strignano Head Fake Trade On USDCAD For 26 Pips, 51 Pips And 76 Pips

Strignano’s Head Fake Filter Technique Videos

Ok, that should be enough for you to understand why the Head Fake Filter should be in your Forex trading toolbox.  Like I said, there really isn’t a lot of time to get your hands on this FULL Head Fake Filter Master System.  This is much more than just a description of the Head Fake Filter… Tom shows you what to do after you place the trades with calculations designed to give you price targets and pivot points. Really powerful and very professional trading info. If the video is still up, Tom tells you all about it…

Click Here To See Tom’s Head Fake Master System Video

(If it is still available)

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Tom Strignano’s Head Fake Video Still Available For Viewing – Act Fast

Posted on December 12th, 2009 by Edward Lomax

As you know, I am a big fan of Tom Strignano.  And recently he made his Head Fake Master System available for a limited time.  This is one of the trading techniques that I (and many of the members of Strignano’s Forex Signals), have been using for some huge gains. I would go so far as to say that this is a trading technique that every SERIOUS Forex trader should have in their toolbox.

Tom has only made the full Head Fake Master System available once before, and it sold out quickly.  I just checked the link and saw that the video explaining the system is still up, which makes me think it is still available.  But believe me, it won’t be for  longClick Here To Watch Tom Strignano’s Head Fake Video (while available).

I’m sure you’ve all had the experience of price moving in one direction and then suddenly turning against you.  What if you could ANTICIPATE this change in price direction? Do you think that would help you get into moves sooner and gain more pips? I sure do, because I’ve been using the Head Fake Filter for this very purpose.  This is a price action technique that is very simple to understand, but very powerful.  Plus, Tom teaches you how to calculate price levels where price is most likely to go after the head fake… WOW.

I’m not sure how long this video by Tom is going to be up (or if it still is), but I urge you to watch it and see if the Head Fake System is something that can help you gain more pips.

Click Here For The Strignano Head Fake Master System Video

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Forex Mastery Is Sold Out… But There Is A Waiting List!

Posted on December 11th, 2009 by Edward Lomax

A few weeks ago I was faced with a hard decision to make…

I was getting ready to go to Aruba on vacation with my wife, and the Forex Mastery Course with the M3 Navigator Software became available.  I really wasn’t looking to start something new at the time, and I definitely didn’t want to spend money right before a trip.  But I decided it was just too good to pass up… so I got it!

And boy am I glad I did!

forex mastery sold out

Forex Mastery is currently sold out, but Click Here To Sign Up For The Waiting List

You get a package in the mail with DVD’s, workbooks, cheat sheets, etc., but everything is immediately available online.  So, I was able to go through 4 of the training modules before I left.  I also set up my charts using the templates provided so I could see the indicators and Market Scanner in action.  I immediately saw the value of this COMPLETE Forex trading program and mentoring by the creator.

Since I’ve been back I’ve been going over the RECORDED training sessions I missed, and started attending the LIVE classes during the New York Session.  And I have to tip my hat to Gary and Forex Joe… they really listened to what new Forex traders wanted, and DELIVERED. This is the most complete Forex training I’ve ever seen and an amazing trading system.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve purchased a lot of Forex materials in the past.  Usually, they are incomplete… which leads to ultimate failure.  Normally, I ended up scrapping the entire program and looking for something completely different… only to find another incomplete course or service.  This does not happen hereGary and Forex Joe take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to know to make the system work for you…

  • How and where to get your Metatrader4 platform
  • How to set up your charts
  • How to set up the Market Scanner
  • How to place a trade
  • What to look for on the charts
  • The exact process to follow when looking for trades
  • Where to put your stop loss
  • Where to take profits (They use a 3 step profit taking system that is second to none)
  • When to move your stop loss to Break Even +1… to get into risk free trades as soon as possible
  • How to let your profits run for MAXIMUM gains
  • Money Management
  • How to handle the stress of trading
  • How to set goals

Basically, they walk you through EVERYTHING so every student of theirs is on the same page. This is a process so everyone, regardless of previous trading experience, can get the same benefits of this amazing trading system.  You are not just given the training material and sent on your way… you have the creator himself their to teach you under live market conditions Monday through Thursday.

Gary teaches you to ANTICIPATE price action and get into low risk, high reward trading opportunities. And what pulls it all together is the Bias and Key levels calculated by Forex Joe.  These levels are amazing and the reason you can use very tight stop losses with limited risk of getting stopped out prematurely.  (Most stops are only between 8 and 18 pips, regardless of whether you are scalping, day trading or swing trading). You DON’T have to put a lot of money at risk in order to get into big moves of 60, 100, 200 or even 1000 pip moves. (They teach something called a Gravy Train… which helps you take advantage of the ENTIRE move for maximum gains).

Anyway… you missed outForex Mastery is already sold out.  But they will be releasing it again in the future… and you don’t want to miss out again. Therefore, I highly suggest you get on the waiting list now!  (With all the positive feedback you are going to hear from current members, I think when they make it available again it is going to sell you TWICE as fast).

Click Here To Sign Up On The Forex Mastery Waiting List

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Options And Forex Superconference Preview Webinar REPLAY

Posted on December 10th, 2009 by Edward Lomax

I’ve had some people contact me because they missed the Options And Forex Superconference Preview Webinar last night and wanted to know who the speakers were and what was going to be taught.  Well, here is the good news… I got a link to the REPLAY of the webinar so you can check it out for yourself. (You don’t want to waste time, because the replay of the webinar won’t be up for long).

One thing I can tell you is this Options And Forex Superconference looks like something very special.

First of all, this used to be a conference that was help live which means you had to travel and stay in a hotel for 3 days.  But now with the power of technology you can access the superconference from the comfort of your own home. This makes this trading event accessible to just about everyone.

Secondly, the line-up they have put together is really something special. They really do have some of the best traders in the world speaking and TEACHING you actionable techniques you are going to be able to use in 201o for a banner year.  If you are going to model your trading after those who are proven to ALREADY be successful… why not pick the very best to follow.  (Plus, I like that fact that there are different speakers so you can find the one that fits your trading style and personality).

I can’t stress this enough…

If you are going to be a successful trader, you need to surround yourself with successful traders and learn from each and every one of them!

The Options And Forex Superconference makes this a snap… because they have gathered the best all in one place and you can attend ONLINE.  So, I suggest you watch the replay of the preview webinar and see if this is something for you.  (I’m sure you’ll agree… this is something special).

Click Here To Watch The Options And Forex Preview Webinar REPLAY

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Last Chance For Strignano’s Head Fake Master System : Only 34 Left

Posted on December 9th, 2009 by Edward Lomax

As you probably know, Tom Strignano is an ex-Bank trader that had to create his own systems to trade the markets.  And one of the techniques he developed was called the Head Fake Filter.  He uses this filter to determine when a move is coming to an end in order to get in to the move to the opposite direction… and it really is quite amazing. Regardless of what system you are currently trading… the Head Fake System is a technique you want to have in your toolbox and master.

Click Here To Watch The Head Fake Video By Tom Strignano

One of the things that makes the Head Fake Master System so great is what Tom teaches you to do AFTER you place the trade.  You see, Tom is a forward thinker.  While other traders are worrying about where price has been… Tom concerns himself where price IS MOST LIKELY TO GO. Adopting this forward thinking attitude can really change your trading for the better.  Tom shares with you his proprietary calculations to determine where price is most likely to go, so you can gauge the momentum of the move and determine strong price targets.

The Head Fake Master System was only made available one other time and it sold out very fast.  This time is no different… because there are only 34 copies left. I don’t know when (or if) Tom is going to make this trading system available in the future, so you really do need to act fast.

Click Here To See If The Head Fake Master System Is Still Available

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