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And then it starts all over again… with bigger and bigger goals until your dreams come true!

In this issue of “Insider Pips”, I go over what many Forex trader have in common with drunk Pygmies! Yes, I know it sounds strange… but there are many similarities! If you want to be a successful Forex trader you need to STOP trading Forex like a drunk Pygmy!

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Insider Pips

Forex Eye Exam: Don’t Trade Forex Like A Drunk Pygmy!

By Edward Lomax

Disclaimer: You know the deal… Forex can be risky, don’t use money you can’t afford to lose and if you do it is not my fault. That kind of thing.

Insider Pips

Table Of Contents

Letter From The Editor (Me)

What Do Drunk Pygmies Have To Do With Forex Trading?

The Similarities Might Surprise You!

I’ll teach you how to identify an alcoholic Pygmy… and how we are going to use this information to improve your Forex trading.

Insider Pips

Pick The Best Times For Forex Trading

Don’t Make Palm Wine Durning The Rainy Season

Knowing WHEN to trade is just as important as the trading method you use. Unfortunately, many Forex traders are trying to trade at the wrong times.

Insider Pips

Pick The Best Currencies For Your Trading Session

Pick The Best Palm Trees For The Best Palm Wine

Knowing what currencies to trade can get you into lower risk trades with higher probablility of profit. I’ll show you 2 tools I use to pick the best currencies to trade…


Insider Pips

End Your Addiction To Forex Trading Misinformation

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference!”

Did you know some of the beliefs you hold to be TRUE are really false? Pro traders use this misinformation to prey on unknowing amateur traders. Don’t be one of them!


Insider Pips

Stick To Your Trading Plan Without Emotion

Avoid Making Marriage Proposals While Inebriated!

Many Forex traders are “sober as a judge” BEFORE they place the trade… and drunk as Pygmies afterward! Avoid managing your open trades by using this valuable tool!

Insider Pips

How To Turn This Issue Into Pips!

You are here because you want to start seeing the pips pile up, right? The only way is to identify the main reason you are trading like a drunk Pygmy, and then taking steps to fix the problems! Here are some suggestions to help you get started…

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