Over the past couple weeks I’ve been testing the sRs Trend Rider Forex Trading System.  And I have to admit, the more I use it and think about it… the more I like itHere are my 3 biggest reasons to give this Forex trend trading system a try…

The Trading Signals Are Based On Multiple Time Frames… Without Having To Check Higher Time Frames!

Using multiple time frames to trade Forex is a time tested strategy that produces great results.  Unfortunately, it can be confusing and hard to learn. But the sRs Trend Rider system automatically takes higher time frames into account and only gives you a signal when the higher time frame is in agreement.

Therefore, when you get a buy or sell signal, it has a higher probability of success because it is in alignment with the higher time frame.  This means your trades have a stronger chance for success.  And when trading Forex, you want as many factors on your side as possible.

But this system is much more than just taking signals when an alert pops up…

The sRs Trend Rider System Is A HYBRID System… YOU Still Have A Say In The Signals You Take!

What is a HYBRID Forex trading system? Well, it is a system aided by indicators and software, but not 100% dependent on them.  These tools aid you in knowing when a great trade set up is in the making (and even manages the trade for you automatically which I’ll talk about later), but YOU still have the final say in how the trade is placed. While some traders might find this to be a negative… I find this to be very positive!

When you get a signal, you have to use the “Eye Method” to figure out your entry and stop loss placement.  This allows you to base your entry not only on the signal… but on price action as well! So, you get the best of both worlds… you are alerted to when a great trading opportunity is coming up AND you can take (or NOT take), the trade depending on what you see on the charts.

For example, if you think you stop loss has to be too large for your risk tolerance… you can skip the trade.  YOU are still in control! (And don’t worry, you are taught what to look for and how to place the trades).

I’ve saved the best for last…

The Trade Management Robot Reduces Risk And Keeps You In The Trade For Big Profits… Automatically!

I have seen this time and time again.  You give a person a winning trading system and they fail to make it work because they don’t know how to manage the trade AFTER it is placed for maximum profits. Some times they let fear and greed get in the way and either close the trade out a winning trade prematurely or let losing trades run too long.  The system is actually fine… but they mess it up once the trade is LIVE by letting emotions rule the way they trade.

The sRs Trend Rider system comes with a Trade Management robot that manages the trade for you automatically. You place the trade and set your stop loss and then attach the Trade Management EA to your chart.  THAT’S IT! The trade manager takes a portion of your profits at 1/2 the value of your stop loss risk… and lets the rest of your trade run until the trend changes direction.

Why is the Trade Management EA important?

  • It keeps you on the trading plan that works.
  • You don’t have to sit in front of the computer once the trade is placed.
  • Your trading is not effected by emotions.
  • You get into profit early… and stay in the trade for larger gains with little risk.

In my opinion, it is the Trade Management EA that is going to make more people successful with this system than others. While the trading system is easy to learn and execute, many people still have trouble managing the trade when it is live.  The Trade Management EA fixes this problem!


The Trade Management system has a way of getting you out of the trade before your stop is hit if market conditions change.  This feature alone can save you a lot of money.  And keep in mind, the decision to get out of the trade is based on MARKET CONDITIONS and not emotions.


Many of you already know I created an EA to manage my trades after I place them manually.  It is called the Forex Trading Troll.  I learned long ago that I don’t like to sit in front of the computer all day and that sometimes my emotions get the better of me.  So, I eliminated this problem by using a trade manager. I set up the trade AND THEN LEAVE IT ALONE!

It is nice to see this strategy incorporated into a complete trading system!


So, there you have it.  The three biggest reasons I really like sRs Trend Rider.

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Over the past couple weeks I've been testing the sRs Trend Rider Forex Trading System.  And I have to admit, the more I use it and think about it... the more I like it.  Here are my 3 biggest reasons to give this Forex trend trading system a try... The...