There is a new Forex trading system hitting the market called Forex Profit Matrix.  I’ve been looking over the information and I like what I see.  You see, they spend a lot of time talking about the traders mindset… which is important if you want to profit consistently.  (I feel they are doing this because they know they have a good trading system… but just like any trading system it can be screwed up by the trader trading it).

Forex Profit MatrixI personally think 95% of the losing traders out there are responsible for their own failure.  It is not the trading system, or the indicator or the service they are using… it is them.  I’m glad to see someone else approaching their trading system from the same standpoint.

Here is some of the information:

What type of people make consistent and profitable traders?

Well, strangely, it has nothing to do with education, or how smart a person is. There are a lot of smart traders out there, but there are also a lot of dumb ones. The smart ones are easier to teach, but it doesn’t make them better traders, and that’s the first secret.

Secret #1

Being a great trader is not about being smart, it’s about having the right psychological attitude. Let me explain. I have known many professional people who decided to learn how to trade – Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers; you name it. After a few short months they get so frustrated by their results that they either stop trading, or blow their accounts.

You see, even though they were obviously bright, they didn’t have the right temperament to become a great trader.

We are designed to try to control things, it’s in our DNA. The problem is you can’t control the market, and when MR Smarty Pants buys his system and starts trading, he simply is not equipped to deal with the total lack of control he has. If you think you are in control of the market, you have already lost. This video will show you how to overcome that:

Forex Profit Matrix Training

Secret #2

Even though you can’t control the market, trading is about control, your inner control – the inner game. If you talk to most traders who have been trading for a while and are honest, they will tell you that they feel a bit lost. In fact, whether they admit it or not they are out of control most of the time.

There are two reasons for that:

1. They are trying to control something that can’t
be controlled.

2. They are not in control of themselves.

That’s why you absolutely must watch this video. It will explain exactly what you have to do to solve both these problems.

Forex Profit Matrix

Secret #3

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You make a trade, it doesn’t go well, and you close it out. A few days pass and for some reason you go back and look at the exact trade you bailed on. Now you can absolutely see the reason why it didn’t work or why you should have stayed in. It seems obvious now. There’s a reason for that and I am going to tell you about it in a minute.

Here’s another example. Most traders, and by most traders I am talking about 80%+ of traders, have the right direction of the trade when they enter the trade, it’s what happens next that they get wrong.

“The Amazing Inside Secret That All Master Traders Know And Amateurs Never Learn”

Here’s an interesting fact. There is a part of the  brain called the amygdala. It an almond shaped thing  that controls flight or fight response. In certain instances it can actually stop, or slow, higher brain functions.

Imagine you are walking down a quiet country lane, the day is perfect, all is well with the world. From nowhere the biggest bad ass dog you have ever seen jumps out in front of you.

Well, there a few things you might do but, whether you know it or not, your brain was way ahead of you. In that instance your body did exactly what it was supposed to do. Adrenaline started pumping and survival instinct kicked in, in some ways you are helpless as your brain takes over. It takes special training to overcome these basic instincts.

For some reason, trading can do the same thing. A lot of the time you can, unbeknown to yourself, be making a bad decision for all the wrong reasons. You could be making decisions based on your rollercoaster emotions. That’s why you might feel under pressure or act as you would not normally do.  Although there is no dog about to attack, your brain   might be reacting in the same way, only to a much  lesser degree.

Understanding exactly how your mind works can help you stop making bad decisions and that’s why this video is so important. I highly recommend that you grab a cup of coffee, kick back and watch the whole video:

Forex Profit Matrix Video

This might be the one and only chance you have of getting a gratis copy of the Forex Profit Matrix delivered to your door.

OK, here’s how you can get a copy of the best system in Forex right now.

– Go to the website, download one of the reports.
Either the COG Master Strategy, or the Forex Profit
Solution, or watch the video we have been talking

– Leave some feedback on what you thought about the
material, and that’s all there is to it. Do it now,
time is running out:

I’m going to be honest with you.  I feel the majority of people reading this would benefit more by joining a signals service like Set and Forget Forex Signals.  Even following the signals service, you need to have the correct traders mindset… but I feel it is easier to get the experience you need if you are following someone else than trying to learn an apply a system.  Just my belief.

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There is a new Forex trading system hitting the market called Forex Profit Matrix.  I've been looking over the information and I like what I see.  You see, they spend a lot of time talking about the traders mindset... which is important if you want to profit consistently.  (I...