The Forex Straddle Trader Pro – The Best News Trading Straddle Strategy EA

Make Money Trading Forex… No Matter Which Direction The Market Moves!

One of the biggest problems facing Forex traders is deciding which direction to trade in.  Pick right… and you can make lots of profits.  Pick wrong… and you can suffer huge losses!

This is why the “Straddle Strategy” is so exciting.  You don’t need to know which direction to trade in, and you can profit no matter what direction price moves. Basically, you straddle price with pending orders and profit when price takes off in one direction or another.  Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

But the problem is, you still need to know WHEN and HOW to apply the “Straddle Strategy” to get consistent profits.

Combining The Straddle Strategy With News Trading!

The best time to use the straddle strategy is when price is in a tight range right before it takes off in one direction or another.  One of the time periods this happens is right before big news events.  Price consolidates in a tight range waiting for the news to come out, and then takes off once the news is released.

But trading the news can be complicated and require more knowledge than a lot of at-home traders want to spend the time learning!

The solution is to use technology! Barry Battista created an Expert Advisor to combine news trading with the straddle strategy.

Imagine an EA that has a proven straddle strategy programmed in AND that is hooked up directly to the news feed. This Expert Advisor knows WHEN to apply the straddle strategy and HOW to place and manage the trades for consistent profits!  Basically, Straddle Trader Pro turns you into a Pro Straddle Trader… without having to learn complicated news trading or technical analysis!

I’ve just scratched the surface of this strategy and technological breakthrough.  To read a full report, click below…

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You really don’t need to trust what I say or what anyone else says for that matter. Barry Battista and Dustin Pass are going to give you a chance to test out this powerful software for yourselves… free of charge! So, read the special report, download and test out the software when it becomes available and even get free training on a webinar they plan to hold.  This is a powerful strategy, software and training opportunity… so take advantage of it!

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